The Adidas adiZero™ Rose


Derrick Rose has become one of the rising stars in the NBA, leading the Chicago Bulls into the playoffs in his first two season, while making his first All-Star appearance in the 2009-2010 season. For the current 2010-2011 basketball season, Adidas has recognized the star power in Rose granting him his first signature shoe – The Adidas adiZero™ Rose.

The Adidas adiZero™ Rose is a lightweight high performance basketball shoe.  The features include the following:

  • SprintFrame technology that extends to the heel counter
  • SprintSkin technology on the upper of the shoe
  • GEOFIT® ankle collar support system
  • PureMotion midsole and pods (on the soles)
  • Shock absorbing heel sole support

Aesthetics and Styling

The first signature shoe for Derrick Rose is a sleek and stylish performer.  From the side profile, the shoe can be broken down in two parts: a low top with an attached ankle collar support.  The signature marks are present on the tongue lace holder (bearing the number 1) and on the side name plate (the signature of Rose himself).

At first glance, the adiZero™is a lot to take in.  From the bottom of the soles, the patented three pattern PureMotion pods are observed.  The three stripe Adidas signature marking on the heel sole, extends to the upper heel counter, providing a unique look.  The toe box area is done in smooth patent leather, continuing to the midsole, where the SprintSkin synthetic mesh rounds out the upper to the heel counter.  As for the quarter area, a unique cheetah-like pattern is present.  Next is the heel cup, which is part of the SprintFrame. Extending all the way to the midsole, the SprintFrame provides stability throughout the shoe.

An elastic band, located between the first and second eyelets, contains a line (in this model the line is red) that travels around the shoe, giving the shoe contrast and a nice stylish touch.  The band, used to help lock the midfoot in place, is not intrusive and flows well with the overall design. The light weight tongue is comprised of a mesh material, with a patent leather strip adorned on the top.  The strip is accented with two vertical lace holders on the top and a single lace holder, bearing the number 1 of Rose, in the middle.  Rounding out the shoe is the GEOFIT® ankle collar support system, which is outfitted on the outside in black patent leather, with red leather on the inside.

Comfort and Fit

Slipping in to a pair of the adiZero™ Rose, you will notice a nice snug fit.  These shoes run true to size and are very low to the ground.  The cushioning support is on the firm and hard side, but is not uncomfortable.  The elastic band located around the upper forefoot area (between the first two eyelets) locks the foot in place, giving the feeling of an added velcro strap around the shoe, without the added component of the strap itself.  The GEOFIT® ankle collar provides excellent  support and cushioning, integrating seamlessly with the tongue. The laces can be adjusted to fit over the tongue or through the lace holders for personal preference. With this, the ankle feels very secure and most importantly, is protected for any possible injury. It almost feels as though the ankle support system is not attached to the shoe itself. Overall, the shoe feels like a low top with excellent ankle support and protection.


The adiZero™ Rose is a very light weight shoe, which is evident while running.  The combination of the light weight, snug fit, and the low profile gives the feeling of speed.  Transitioning from running to jumping is quick and easy, as the shoe is very responsive.  Upon landing from a jump, the support from the PureMotion pods, as well as the shock absorbing heel sole, is exceptional. The shoe provides a sense of free movement and amazing flexibility.

Although the shoes are very light weight, they maintain excellent stability. One thing is for sure, these shoes were made to hold up against the abuse a basketball player may put them through. When making quick lateral movements the shoe flexes and holds your foot in a place.  There is very little sliding of the foot while making transitions, which provides a natural feel when continually starting and stopping.  The GEOFIT® ankle collar support system keeps your ankles protected for any basketball movement, while maintaining comfort with the adequate cushioning.

The GEOFIT® ankle collar support system

This shoe shines in the area of traction, which is provided by the PureMotion midsole and pods.  From full speed to a complete stop, the traction holds up.  Jab steps, starting and stopping, as well as cutting are handled with ease.  Moving on to an outdoor court, there is no drop off.  The excellent traction is maintained and the shoe does remain sturdy and stable.


The adiZero™ Rose continues in the tradition of the previous shoe, the TS Supernatural Creator.  With a more refined focus, a high performance basketball shoe is the end result.  Being the first signature shoe for NBA superstar Derrick Rose, this is a great effort from Adidas.  The shoe is very efficient, and it seems as though the designers made an effort to cut out the excess from the previous model.  There are many attributes to take away from the shoe, which include amazing traction, quick responsive feel, light weight, and excellent flexibility. For smaller framed players who play facing the basket, that are more inclined to use speed and quickness in their game, the Adidas adiZero Rose is a perfect fit.