The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse


Earlier this month, we took a First Look at the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Russell Westbrook PE.  Featuring a one piece upper made of three layers of materials, the designers have created a unique shoe that was made to hold up for any style of player, on any surface.  For this review, we put the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse to the test.

Comfort and Fit

Tight and snug, the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse hugs the foot close.  Stepping into the Hyperfuse takes some wiggling and adjustment, as the shoe was made for a precise fit.  It may be advised to move 1/2 size up when considering the shoe.  The shoe has a soft and comfortable cushioning bed which is felt evenly throughout the foot.  There is an intimate feeling between the upper and the cushioning, as the upper presses and holds the foot closely to take full advantage of the cushioning.  Extremely thin and flimsy to the eye, the rigidness of the upper is a strong point.  The shoe feels well made, and the foot is housed with comfort.  When looking at the back end of the shoe, the consistency in fit is apparent.  Again, the heels and ankles are held nicely in place, with the soft foam collar holding and covering the ankles.  The thin soft tongue is not intrusive, wrapping around the top of the foot seamlessly.  As a whole, the fit is very snug and comfortable, with excellent foot and ankle cushioning.


With the Hyperfuse melded to your foot, the feeling of light weight is not initially felt.  However, when in motion, the shoe feels as one with the foot, as the weight of the shoe becomes an afterthought.  Even with the tight fight, the upper pushing down on the foot does not provide discomfort.  Running is very comfortable, as the one piece upper holds the foot close to the cushioning bed.  Jab steps, lateral stops, and spin moves are easily performed, with the advantage lying in the fact that there are no excess materials bogging down the performance of the shoe.  The forefoot outrigger is exceptional in limiting rolling of the foot, and can be felt when running low to the ground or when planting your foot in place.  Evaluating the flexibility, the Hyperfuse has a more rigid feel.  With that, transitions would be expected to suffer, but that is not entirely true.  Transitions from running to jumping feel natural, as the flex grooves placed around the forefoot and toe box provide just enough flex.  Again, the rigid flexibility is not noticeable when making transitions.  For landings, the Zoom Air in the forefoot, full length Cushlon midsole, and soft insole provide balanced impact support and comfort.  Like the upper, the sole works as one to provide consistency in feel and performance.

Stability is a bright spot with the Hyperfuse.  The main factor when evaluating the stability of the Hyperfuse is the uni-body construction.  With no stitching or excess materials, the shoe is forced to work as a whole when pushed to perform.  The result is exceptional balance and consistency.  From simple tasks such as running, to extreme stops and landings, the rigid upper holds up well.  As we move towards the back end, the tongue and collar system provide the same stability as the upper.  Last, the soles give stability through the length of the foot, with very little sliding.  Given the look and light weight of the shoe, the expectations of stability for post players would be negative.  But when taking a deep look at the Hyperfuse, post players can benefit from the exceptional stability provided.  Overall, this shoe is a good fit for guards and forwards.

The Hyperfuse performs exceptionally well in the traction department.  The sticky traction provided by the herringbone outsole is observed on both the hardwood and asphalt surfaces.  With outriggers placed on the forefoot and heel, traction is further supported.  Moving on, one look at the Hyperfuse screams excellent ventilation.  The thin upper with perforations all over the shoe provides just that.  Although the snug fit does a little to cut the air flow to the foot, the fact that the shoe has a large number of openings keeps ventilation on the positive side.


Throughout the years Nike has introduced new and exciting products to their basketball shoe line up.  Including the Hyperfuse in the catalog is only fitting, with the radical design and fun color schemes.  The designers have successfully applied a minimalist approach with a sophisticated and unique look.  Most importantly, what is not sacrificed is the performance of the shoe as a whole.  The visual presentation of the Hyperfuse would lend itself to questions of performance.  In the end, the Hypefuse earns the name by providing a fuse of performance, comfort, and stability in one package.  The versatility of the Hyperfuse can be used by players of all positions looking for balanced performance.  Strengthened with the addition of the Hyperfuse, the Hyper series has proven to be a solid line for Nike.  Available in multiple colors, the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse is out now at Nike authorized retailers.