The Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Glow in the Dark Wings

Last month our Spotlight Special looked at one of the most unique shoes of the year – the Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear.  Along side the Teddy Bears, Adidas released another version of the popular Wings line.  Adding to the collection of Wings is the Glow in the Dark version.  Featuring a leather upper that glows in the dark, the Adidas Originals Wings fits right in with the previously released models.  But before the shoe can glow, they must be placed under bright lights.

A "JEREMY" branded lace holder also glows in the dark

After activating the glow in the dark leather under lights, the bright neon green of the shoe comes out.  On the upper, every aspect of the shoe, other than the laces, lining, eyelets, and sole emit the neon green.  The detachable wings are covered with the glow material, leaving no dark spots.  On the throat line, the letters that form “JEREMY” on the ceramic lace holder shine in the dark.  The final touch of glow is observed on the outsole where three segments on the toe, mid foot, and heel area round out the special feature.

The Wings glow perfectly with this shoe

Each Jeremy Scott release comes with a surprise.  Constantly pushing the standards of style and art, the Adidas Originals and Scott collaboration has definitely touched a nerve in the fashion & footwear industry.  With the Wings collection, the Glow in the Dark special is yet another standout design.  The popularity of the Wings has paved the way for the release of an updated Wings 2.0 line.  For now, the Adidas Jeremy Scott Glow in the Dark Wings was released in limited quantities early last month.  Those looking to light the night sky can fly high with these Wings.