The Adidas adiZero™ Rose 1.5


MVP frontrunner Derrick Rose has the Chicago Bulls atop the Eastern Conference standings trailing only the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.  For the first half of the season, Adidas introduced the adiZero™ Rose, which has been on the feet of the Chicago superstar for every game this season.  Our All-Star recap looked at the final color of the adiZero™ Rose – the Simeon Academy inspired Sun Yellow All-Star adiZero™Rose.  And as we mentioned in our recap, the second half of the All-Star game would see Rose in the subject of this performance review – the adiZero™ Rose 1.5.

Following up on the successful adiZero™ Rose, the 1.5 continues the light weight, high performance standards. The features include the following:

  • Light and thin SPRINTSKIN upper
  • PUREMOTION™ midsole and pods on the outsole
  • One piece Sprint Frame heel counter and torsion plate
  • Air mesh windows for breathability
  • Decoupled heel

Aesthetics and Styling

Where the adiZero™ Rose 1.0 had an eccentric look, the 1.5 goes for the sleek and smooth style.  Gone are the detached collar, cheetah print panel, and variable lacing tongue.  With these changes, the foundation of the shoe remains faithful to the original, as a complete overhaul of the shoe would better fit a “2.0” title.  The high performance of the Sprint Frame from the 1.0, with the signature three stripe logo running down the heel, is thankfully preserved along with the PUREMOTION™outsole.  Also retained is the use of SPRINTSKIN on the upper.  For the 1.5, the SPRINTSKIN covers each side of the shoe, helping to maintain the light weight of the 1.0.  With this established, the shoe still has the look that is built for speed.

A Sprint Frame chassis on the 1.5 is a holdover from the 1.0

The adiZero™ Rose 1.5 has a long sharp look  from the sides.  A move traditional mid top look is observed as the collar now integrates seamlessly with the upper.  The side panel segments display the rubber casing over the SPRINTSKIN that is similar to the upper on both the adiPURE™ and Superbeast.  Starting with the lower half of the shoe, an identical replication of the 1.0 underside is present.  On the outsole, the PUREMOTION™ outsole is made up with 3 pods on the forefoot area, and the three stripe logo making up the heel.  In the middle of the heel, a circular pattern is cut into the stripes, with the center stripe continuing the point of origin.  The shiny stiff Sprint Frame connects the two part outsole, running in a diagonal direction towards the lateral side.  On top of the outsole, the molded EVA segmented midsole follows the shape of outsole.  The contoured lines runs along the lower half, with a Derrick Rose signature plate embedded on the lateral heel.  Coming to the upper, the transformation from the 1.0 to 1.5 comes to a head.

First a shiny marbleized effect is created on the white patent leather toe box.  The toe box is contoured to cover the top half of the toes, with the suede panels stitched close to the sides.  Connecting to the toe box at the throat line is a small triangular lace holder, adorned with a shiny silver Adidas logo.  Cut into three panels, the sides of the shoe share a suede base material which runs along the shoe, through the heel also forming the eyestay.  Covering the SPRINTSKIN on the three panels is a circular and line patterned rubber casing.  The suede material outlines these sections, with “SPRINTSKIN” branded on near the collar.  In symmetric fashion, the medial side also has the three panels, this time covered entirely in suede, with perforation holes on each panel.

The rear end of the shoe is marked with the three stripe Adidas logo printed on the stiff Sprint Frame heel counter.  Above the counter, a patent leather portion starts at the top of the heel moving in a steep diagonal direction to the midfoot.  Following the accent line from the 1.0, a thin red line runs along the top of the patent leather support.  The “adizero” branding and a Rose signature complete this portion of the heel.  More support is added behind the patent leather, as the suede portion of the upper and the padded collar are stacked to form a three layer bed for the heel.  The top of the collar is fitted with a red mesh, covered in the same fashion as the SPRINTSKIN portions, but without the rubber.  Also, the nubuck material encloses the mesh, which is present on both sides of the shoe.  To finish off the back end, the collar and heel are lined with a soft black synthetic material.  Plush padding is present throughout, running around the collar all the way down to Achilles.

Moving back to the front of the shoe, flat black laces come standard with the 1.5.  Five eyelets are cut into the suede eyestay, with the final two metal eyelets placed on the collar.  The tongue is done in a lightly padded mesh material, mirroring the mesh panels on the collar.  At the top, a diagonally cut patent leather portion flares out wide.  A lace holder stitched on the bottom, the red and black patent leather is branded with a faint “dR” logo in the middle, with “DERRICK ROSE” lining the top.  The back of the collar is lined in the same fashion as the collar all the way down to the toe box.  Finally, a simple red insole sits on the footbed, marked again with a Derrick Rose signature.

Comfort and Fit

Like the 1.0, the adiZero™ Rose 1.5 fits true to size.  In terms of comfort and fit, the two follow different paths.  Soft and light, the 1.5 contrasts the more rigid 1.0.  The SPRINTSKIN wraps around the foot with very little pressure.  Extremely thin, it feels as though the upper is made of a soft blanket.  As the SPRINTSKIN dominates the comfort, the patent leather toe box and Sprint Frame chassis solidify the fit.  Beginning at the front, soft patent makes up the roomy toe box.  Although not as soft a the SPRINTSKIN, the patent leather adds rigidity to the fit while remaining light and flexible.  At the back end, the Sprint Frame heel counter locks downs the rear, aided by the padded collar.  Providing the necessary protection, the plush collar padding holds with comfortable pressure high around the top of the ankles.  And fitting in perfectly is the wide padded tongue.  With the tongue rising a bit higher than the collar, the ankles are completely covered and secure.  Comfort at the forefront, we move to the footbed cushioning.  Addressing the stiff cushioning of the 1.0, a softer responsive feel is felt.  Because of the increase in cushioning, the PUREMOTION™ on the soles is less pronounced in a static position.  With all the pieces in place, the adiZero™ Rose 1.5 has a featherweight upper around the foot, with protection and support in the front and rear.

Like the adiZero™ Rose 1.0, the 1.5 is built for the speedy player


Putting the adiZero™Rose 1.5 to the test, one thing is apparent – these are the fastest playing basketball shoes on the market today.  Rivaled only by the 1.0, the shoe has a featherweight feel while running.  Like the Superbeast, the toe box is narrow, as the flexibile SPRINTSKIN extends down the sides.  For performance, all movements that involve quickness and speed are performed with ease.  Jab steps and forward charges are handled naturally, protected by the sturdy and flexible patent leather toe box.  When transitioning to jumps, the fluidity of the shoes is apparent.  Bursting up towards the basket is fluid, and while landing, the PUREMOTION™ outsole eases the transition to a full sprint.  Around the ankles, the plush collar provides all the comfort needed with protection and support when stopping on a dime.  For the lower half of the shoe, the PUREMOTION™ sole brings a responsive foundation.  With the pods in place, zones on the forefoot and heel bring excellent court feel.  For example, an off balance jump shot is performed naturally, and when landing, the impact is distributed through the pods.  For big men, when feet get tangled up fighting for a rebound, awkward landings are a rarity.  Comfort and court feel are so good that, at times, it feels as though you can walk on the lateral side, with the segmented midsole touching the ground.  In the end, the adiZero™ Rose 1.5 can be described simply as fast, fluid, and light as a feather.

Without the most sturdy build, stability for the 1.5 is handled by the Sprint Frame chassis.  As the SPRINTSKIN upper is lightly held in place with the suede and rubber casing combination, the foundation of the shoe is the stiff and sturdy Sprint Frame.  Beginning at the heel, the stiff counter works with the PUREMOTION™ heel keeping rumblings on the back end stable.  When spinning, making a quick first step, or coming to a dead stop at the baseline, the back end is protected.  Solidifying the heel is the added patent leather strip, which runs high without being too intrusive.  At the midfoot, the stability bridge works so well that there is never a moment that the foot feels at a place of discomfort.  And for all the deep bending and pushing, the mid foot bridge stays true.  For the abusive style this shoe was made for, the 1.5 is comfortably stable.

For traction, the dependable PUREMOTION™ sole does an excellent job.  Traction is based on feel, rather than extreme grip or stick.  With the reaction of the pods, grip is dependent on the pressure placed.  Because of this, the foot does not get out of position, making for natural transitions and movement.  Furthermore, the balanced pressure keeps sliding to a minimum.  Also excellent is the ventilation.  Although the upper contains a suede outline, the shoe does not overheat.  This is due in part to the thin SPRINTSKIN, which allows for air to pass through the perforated medial.  Like all the aspects of this shoe, ventilation is not noticed because of the playability and comfort.


This season the stars have aligned for both Adidas and Derrick Rose.  Rose is having his break out season as one of the elite players in the NBA.  Coincidentally, the performance of the adiZero™ Rose and the 1.5 have earned the Rose line a high status in the basketball footwear landscape.  The standard of performance for the 1.5 was set high by the 1.0.  Keeping the light weight formula intact, the designers have successfully integrated a more sturdy build while continuing the use SPRINTSKIN.  There are very few negatives to be said about the 1.5, as it is the quintessential shoe this season for any quick, slashing player.  The performance can only be matched by the original adiZero™ Rose 1.0, but for this season, Adidas has created two spectacular performers.  The Adidas adiZero™ Rose 1.5 is available at the Official Adidas Online Store now.

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