Last week, we announced the expansion of Black Lotus.  First, as you may have noticed, our blog has moved to a new location (  Our biggest change is the Grand Launch of the Black Lotus Online Store.  Here you will find our initial offerings, which includes Reebok products for Men and Women.  The products for our launch include the Reebok Zig Slash and Classic Nylon for Men, as well as the DMX Max ReeDirect and Premier Road Supreme 2 for Women.

At this time our product availability is limited, as we continue to secure more brands and a wider variety of products for you.  If you would like us to carry certain brands/products please let us know.  You can also help us by letting the companies know that you would like Black Lotus to carry their products.  We thank you for all the support and hope you will stick with us in the future as we expand further.  Again we value your support and opinions, so feel free to contact us at any time with suggestions, questions, and comments.  And do not forget to Like Us on the Official Black Lotus Facebook Page and Follow Us on the Official Black Lotus Twitter Page!  Thanks again!

Reebok Womens – DMX Max ReeDirect (Pink Ribbon) – $70.00

Reebok Womens – Premier Road Supreme 2 (Pink Ribbon) – $95.00

Reebok Womens – Premier Road Supreme 2 – $95.00

Reebok Mens – Classic Nylon (Black) – $45.00

Reebok Mens – Zig Slash (Black/Blue/Gold) – $100.00

Reebok Mens – Zig Slash (White/Blue/Gold) – $100.00