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The Adidas adiZero™ Rose 2.5


At the All-Star break of the NBA season, the most anticipated sneaker release is the Adidas adiZero™ Rose 2.5.  Our First Look went into the aesthetic and performance features of the latest Derrick Rose signature shoe, with no surprises.  A Sprint Web upper for light weight performance and the trusty Sprint Frame chassis keeps continuity within the line.  Last season, the Rose 1.5 proved a more than worthy successor to the 1.0 in all performance aspects.  Now, this latest Performance Review looks to see if the Adidas adiZero™ Rose 2.5 will carry on the new trend of high performance.

Comfort and Fit

Thick GEOFIT collar pads give way to the Sprint Web sides which give a good grip around the foot.  Most of the pressure is felt around the middle by the Sprint Web, which is light and somewhat snug, without an overbearing sense.  There is a contrast in fit between the middle and toe box & collar areas, where the latter has a comfort focus.  Fit is true to size, but a half step down can be applicable for a very snug fit, as the toe box area does leave some room length wise.  Ankle support and protection is light and comfortable.  The GEOFIT padding is thick, covering the ankles well, but there is some room left for flexibility at the back end.  Heel lock down is solid with the heels sitting in the Sprint Frame nicely.  Below, the foot sits on the contoured foundation with plenty of support on each side.  Cushioning is neither hard nor soft and is comfortable in this context.  Very light and contoured, the Rose 2.5 has a fit made to take the court with speed and aggression.

A Sprint Web upper brings a close fit around the middle of the foot for this light weight performer


For a mid cut shoe, the Rose 2.5 is one of the lightest shoes on the market, and on the court this is clearly the case.  Court feel is the low, and with the light overall weight, speed is the first adjective that comes to mind when describing performance.  Running is flat out fast.  The upper flexes through the toe box well, and heel to toe transitions are fluid.  As a matter of fact all transitions are fluid, and the feeling on the court is that the shoe can do anything the player wants it to.  Responsiveness is observed on both sides of the ball whether is be moving from side to side, then to a sprint on defense, or working in any capacity face up on offense.  Even players with a slow first step will find the responsiveness brings some added quickness in this shoe.  As the performance pushes towards a player looking for speed, one of the best aspects of performance is in the balance of the shoe.  When changing directions, moving forward, the balance of the shoe is excellent.  Weaving through a lane, or zig zagging up the court on the fly, the shoe is very fluid.  The sense of speed is not lost, and when the player decides to push off hard on either side or even spin, the shoe stays balanced.  For impact upon landings, the shoe is consistent.  When pushing off to rise in the air, the shoe has excellent response time, and when landing, the impact support feels natural.  That is, landings are handled to keep the player able to make the next move, right when the sole touches the hardwood.  High all around, fast performance, with excellent balance makes the Rose 2.5 a top performer this season.

Stability in a light weight context is a hallmark of the Rose line and does not get any better than the Rose 2.5.  At first glance, the Sprint Web and overall thin upper would leave the door open for sub-standard stability, but stability performance lies within the Sprint Frame chassis.  From landings and push offs, to changing directions at full speed, the foot is kept in place, ready for the next aggressive step.  The low weight of the Frame keeps it functional for not only speed, but taking abuse.  Just as there is a sense of speed and responsiveness to the 2.5, there is also a sense that the shoe is stable enough to handle an aggressive and fast style of play.  In short, the stability plays an important factor to the exceptionally balanced performance.  Although not specifically aimed at the big man, the Sprint Frame has enough support for a banger that prefers a light weight shoe.  Keeping the mid foot to heel stable, the player can work the post hard, twisting and pushing off on the foundation, which holds up well.  At the end of the day, the Sprint Frame chassis provides a perfect base of stability.

Adidas adiZero™ Rose 2.5 - Home

Performance is fast and balanced

The high performance aspects of the 2.5 continues with superb traction.  Court grip, like most of the Rose series, is based on feel.  In this instance, traction is both responsive with great grip.  Based around keeping the player ready to make the next move, the outsole grips the court well enough for an abrupt stop or for a quick change in direction.  Jab stepping, cutting off on the baseline, and moving laterally, the grooves of the outsole provide comfortable grip based on the amount of pressure the player provides.  And because the traction pattern is consistent throughout, the shoe handles a player with a light step just as well as a player with a heavy step.  Ventilation for the 2.5 is great.  The openings through the Sprint Web, combined with the thin materials used around the upper keep the shoe breathable for extended periods of play.  With that, heat and moisture concerns are taken care of.


Just announced during All-Star weekend, Adidas has locked up Derrick Rose for the foreseeable future to a very lucrative contract.  The pairing between the two has resulted, so far, with success on both sides and is looking as though a significant shift in market power can be achieved during the next couple of years.  There is no doubt that for pure performance in a basketball shoe, the adiZero™ Rose series is the gold standard.  Less than two years in, and four signature models released, each model boast performance that leaves all competitors behind.  Balanced, light, and fast, with excellent stability, the Rose 2.5 is simply an amazing performer.  Whether it is this 2.5, or any of the previously released adiZero™ Rose models, all players looking for an all out basketball performer would do themselves justice by giving them a hard run on the courts.  Adidas did not start the light weight basketball revolution, but are putting the performance behind it, carving a legacy of their own.  Released this month at the Official Adidas Online Store, the exceptional Adidas adiZero™ Rose 2.5 is available now.

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