Adidas Pro Model 0 II - Pink

The Adidas Pro Model 0 II


Last month, Adidas kicked off their transition to the 2012-2013 season with the introduction of the adiZero™ Crazy Light 2.  The NBA playoffs, coupled with the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic games are sure to bring out more new models that will be featured prominently on the courts this summer, as well as next season.  One of our top performers for the Fall was the Adidas Pro Model 0.  A light weight revamp of the basketball sneaker classic, the 0 carried on the tradition of solid, versatile performance – making it a prime representative of the what Adidas Basketball is all about.  Our latest First Look uncovers the features of next seasons Adidas Pro Model 0 II.

The mainstay of Adidas Basketball, the Pro Model 0 II follows up the light weight theme from last season.  The features include the following:

  • Synthetic upper with plastic cage toe box for light weight performance
  • Cushioning provided by EVA midsole with a PU insole
  • Non-marking S-shaped rubber outsole with flex grooves and wave traction pattern
  • Mesh tongue for added comfort
  • miCoach compatible

Aesthetics and Styling

The iconic look of the Pro Model, with the shell toe box and leather upper, took design cues from the classic Superstar.  As classic as the design is, is as consistent a performer the Pro Model has been throughout existence of the series.  With the push for light weight performance, the Pro Model 0 was transformed with a more modern look, but still holding the feel and essence of the original.  In the Pro Model 0 II, the design has shifted further away from the bulky, yet classic look, in favor of smooth and sleek lines.  Aesthetically, the shoe is more comparable to the adiZero™ Crazy Light and Stupidly Light with the sharp cut collar, triangular designed upper, and minimized toe box.  Performance aspects include the S-shaped outsole used heavily for the past season and miCoach compatibility.  This First Look takes a primarily pink based color scheme under the microscope.

Adidas Pro Model 0 II - Pink

This version of the Pro Model has more sleek and flowing lines

From a side profile, the Pro Model 0 II does have the essence and style of a “Pro Model” with a thick midsole, prominent display of the three stripe logo, and signature shell toe box.  However, the sharper collar cut, perforation pattern that litters the upper, as well as the modified light weight toe box moves it in the more sleek and stealth category.  Flipping the shoe over, the contoured S-shaped outsole makes another appearance.  Flat with flex grooves running vertically and horizontally on the forefoot, a wave like traction pattern is molded into the rubber.  For the forefoot area, a toe cap, with a small Adidas logo in the center, and lateral outrigger are solid, while the heel area is separated into two sections by a simple vertical groove.  A white Adidas logo sits on the lateral heel, and at the mid foot, the miCoach inset rounds out the Adidas branding marks.  Completing the lower half support, a thick and solid EVA midsole forms the cushioning base.  Relatively smooth running around the shoe the midsole is molded with corrugations at the heel and along the lateral outrigger.

Two notable aspects stand out on the upper.  First and foremost, the signature shell toe box is done efficiently, with a light weight plastic.  Similar to the first Pro Model 0, the toe box is a combination of the plastic cage supporting the soft nylon/mesh layer beneath.  For the sides, a triangular shape design gives off a stealth look.  The medial side is covered with a brushed synthetic, which glimmers under certain lighting conditions.  Small perforations holes cover each triangle portion, while the smooth three stripe logo has a fade effect.  On the lateral side, the brushed synthetic runs around the perforated triangle portions.  And unlike the medial side, the three stripe logo is made with a more sturdy plastic material over the synthetic used on the rest of the upper.

“PRO MODEL” stamped on a half patent leather, half brushed synthetic strip makes a statement at the rear.  The heel counter is covered high up the Achilles by the brushed synthetic, with two triangle portions sitting on the side heels – both covered with perforation holes.  Above the stitched synthetic support is a silky smooth woven-like material.  With the Adidas logo sitting right in the middle, the sides of this rear collar support have two plush triangular padded lobes.  The collar makes a somewhat sharp ascent smoothly, and is lined with a textured synthetic.  Padding around the ankles is ample and not too thick.

Adidas Pro Model 0 II - Pink

The Pro Model 0 II is sure to be a solid and versatile performer

Standard oval laces find their way through seven eyelets which run straight up the middle to the collar.  The eyestay is done with the brushed synthetic throughout (including the collar), and the final two eyelets on the collar are reinforced with small metal rings.  The Pro Model 0 II is equipped with a standard mesh tongue which has good padding and is lined with the rough synthetic found along the collar.  A small brushed synthetic strip sits stitched on the top center of the tongue, with an Adidas logo and a lace holder.  As always, the final aspect of the shoe comes with a thin, but supportive PU insole, which simply has the Adidas logo on the heel.

A First Look

Significant changes from a performance standpoint (with respect to the first Pro Model 0) seem to be a bit more subtle, as the II can be looked at as a natural evolution from last seasons version.  Style wise, the designers again have done an excellent job of fitting the shoe into a new era without totally losing the feel of what the Pro Model stands for.  Very few lines on the market can boast the consistency in performance that the Pro Model has brought through the years, and it will be interesting to see how well performance holds up and where the II fits in the grand history of the line.  In any case, the full Black Lotus Performance Review of the Pro Model 0 II later this year is sure to unveil another solid and versatile performer.

Adidas Pro Model 0 II - Pink