Adidas Crazy Cool

The Adidas Crazy Cool


The transition out of the main basketball season and into the summer months, many of the top sneaker companies bring releases favorable to not only outdoor play, but performers fit to lessen the blow of high temperatures.  This past season we have covered most of the main releases for each brand, and with the basketball season complete, we continue our coverage of performers which may be lost in the shuffle.  With that said, our latest Performance Review is the Adidas Crazy Cool.

A performer just right for the Summer season, the Adidas Crazy Cool is equipped with the CLIMACOOL®  technology.  The features include the following:

  • Synthetic leather upper with nubuck overlay
  • CLIMACOOL®  technology for ventilation
  • Cushioning provided by an EVA midsole
  • Mid foot TORSION® SYSTEM stability plate
  • Rubber outsole with wavebone traction pattern

Aesthetics and Styling

As a bridge shoe between the Spring and Summer season, the Crazy Cool takes aesthetics from the 2011-2012 basketball catalog, blending in with the Adidas trainers released during the Spring.  The upper takes a page from the adiPower Howard 2 cracked glass design in a more subdued form, while the midsole is definitely comparable to the Climacool Seduction.  Style wise, the shoe looks like a trainer transformed into a mid cut for basketball purposes, which is not always a bad thing.  360-degrees CLIMACOOL® is the spotlight in terms of technology, as well as a thick EVA midsole.  For this Performance Review, a black with teal blue color scheme is the choice.

Adidas Crazy Cool

Aesthetics are influenced by the Adidas adiPower Howard 2 and Climacool Seduction

From a side profile, the Crazy Cool has a hefty look with wavy lines.  The toe box and collar stand bulky and thick, matching the midsole, which completely dominates lower half of the shoe.  Flow comes in the form of a skeleton like pattern on the sides and a wavy overlay along the eyestay.  On the underside, a contoured rubber outsole is dominated with a wavebone traction pattern from toe to heel.  The rubber forms a toe cap at the front and down the center are diamond shaped cut outs.  These portions are molded with the wavebone pattern for the four on the forefoot and one on the heel, while the mid foot portions are made of the EVA midsole.  The center diamond is marked with the “CLIMACOOL” branding.  Fitting seamlessly atop the rubber is a EVA midsole.  Running along the base, the foam has indentations throughout, with a space left open at the mid foot for added ventilation.  Completing the midsole is the heel area which extends up the sides and is marked with the Adidas three stripes.

For the upper, a combination of materials is present.  Starting with the toebox, the area is made up of smooth leather with a stitched nubuck outline.  Perforation holes line the throat line and medial side.  The sides exhibit symmetry beginning with a wavy stitched nubuck outline following up the eyestay to the collar.  Quarter panels on each side have a skeleton like design, done with the smooth CLIMACOOL® material.

At the rear, the EVA midsole rides up high.  Marked with an Adidas logo in the center, the midsole runs almost to the middle of the back end.  The smooth sides and nubuck outline make up the rest of the Achilles area on the outside, with a hang tag stitched down the center.  Moving along, the collar rise long at about a 40-degree angle.  There is ample padding around the ankles, down the sides, and the lining is a textured synthetic.  A small Achilles notch is stitched on for added support and stability.

Thick rounded dual colored braided laces run through only six eyelets.  The eyestay has a base teal color, overlaid with black nylon webbing for style.  Four outside eyelets punctured on the sides give an option for those with wider feet.  A thin tongue sits beneath the laces having the same design pattern as the eyestay.  The tongue is lined with the textured synthetic from the collar and is padded lightly.  A leather patch on the top carries a lace holder and “CLIMAWARM” branding in the center.  Rounding out the Crazy Cool is a dense foam insole, which is lined with perforations at the mid foot and the final Adidas logo on the heel.

Comfort and Fit

Aided by the heel hang tab, the foot enters tightly into the Crazy Cool.  With only six eyelets, lacing tightly is done easily, and the fit is true to size.  Most of the lace pressure is felt at the middle, and the sides of the shoe have a somewhat rigid, but thin and narrow feel.  Up front, the toe box fits well, with some wiggle room and good width.  Ankle support and protection is good, as the collar covers the ankles with not too much pressure.  The tongue rises up high and is soft & comfortable.  Down the Achilles, the support added by the notch is evident.  Again, this notch is on the thin side which helps in keeping the shoe from being too cumbersome.  Heel lockdown is very good, as the sides of the midsole help to keep the heel in place.  Below, the EVA cushioning is thick and dense, but not stiff.  The foam does have a slight give putting it on the responsive side, but not enough to be considered bouncy.  With help from the midsole, the foot sits contoured and arch support is excellent without being too rigid.  Overall, the Crazy Cool brings a tight fit, with plenty of support and a responsive base.

Adidas Crazy Cool

A true to size fit is snug with a responsive EVA midsole


Strapped on and secure, the Crazy Cool hugs the court from the bottom up.  The sole has a stickiness to it, while the upper feels ready to be pushed.  Heel to toe transition is excellent while getting up to a dash.  The throat line is high up on the foot to help the front area bend, and overall flexibility is very good from the rubber outsole to the synthetic upper.  Performance favors the guard and swingman player valuing versatile performance.  First, the weight of the shoe is deceptively light.  Looks aside, the shoe has a light weight flow in motion, and getting a first step to blow by a defender is quick and fast.  As with most Adidas performers, the responsiveness of the foundation works well with this light weight touch, as getting around the court is done with ease.  Lateral transitions on both sides of the ball, pushing off for a jumper, and spinning on the heel, the midsole is dense and responsive, resulting in more explosive movements.  The shoe does not flow as well as some of the light weight shoes on the market in terms of quickness, but stays versatile because of the responsiveness observed.  In the landing department, the shoe is very comfortable.  Although the midsole foam is thick and dense, impact on the hardwood is solid, but not uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, the Crazy Cool is just a fast, light weight and versatile performer, with excellent responsiveness.

With a light weight upper, stability performance is very good for the guard and swingman.  Starting with the foundation, the dense midsole is solid all around.  Landing, bending deep on the medial side at high speeds, and simply pressing hard on the dense foam is taken well.  During intense play, the shoe holds up, and failure from the midsole is the last thought on the mind of the player.  Furthermore, the midsole cage set up by the heel counter & foam creeping up the sides, as well as the Achilles notch, are prominently felt keeping the back end secure.  For those who tend to dabble in the paint or play off the heel on the perimeter, this aspect is a godsend.  Next, stability around the foot is light from the upper, but because of the tight fit, sliding is held to a minimum.  Arch and overall side support is tight for those taxing moves, but because of the upper material, flexibility is not completely lost.

Traction for the Crazy Cool can be described with one word – sticky.  The work of the wavebone traction pattern can instantly be felt even while walking.  This is perfect for those fast guards who like to shift around on the court, stopping on a dime and like to change directions while weaving through the lane.  For the post defender, the sole sticks tight for a strong foundation against the toughest of opponents.  In summary, the shoe simply sticks to the court.  Ventilation is excellent.  The fit of the shoe encompasses the foot all around, especially through the back and Achilles, but heat build up and sweat are controlled by the CLIMACOOL®, a testament to the Adidas patented technology.  And with the space left open at the mid foot (between the misdole and upper), there are times when air flow can actually be felt.


For an everyday shoe, whether on an indoor or outdoor court, the Adidas Crazy Cool is simply a great performer.  Excellent traction and Achilles support, with a comfortable ride makes the shoe well rounded.  The looks and the fact that the shoe did not have a big marketing push would tend to favor lackluster performance.  But what the shoe proves is an aspect that is common for any brand – a shoe that gets the most spotlight does not always result in the best performance.  Available now at the Official Adidas Online Store, the Crazy Cool was released this past Spring and is available in multiple color schemes.

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