Adidas Rose 773 (Gold Medal)

The Adidas Rose 773 (Gold Medal)


In the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, Derrick Rose would suffer a catastrophic knee injury, ending all chances of a Championship run for the Chicago Bulls.  As one of the top stars in the league, a rematch with the Miami Heat was not in store for Rose, and hopes of a spot on the USA Basketball team for the Summer Olympic games were all but dashed.  Rose continues his rehabilitation from an injury which will sideline him for the majority of the 2012-2013 season (perhaps the whole season).  Nonetheless, the face of Adidas Basketball would have been well equipped for the summer season.  With the adiZero™ Rose 2.0 and 2.5 further establishing the success of the Rose line, this special summer sees the release of an introductory secondary line for Rose.  Based off the 2.5, this version brings a more streamlined look, while retaining the main technological features that have put the adiZero™ Rose line at the top.  Hailing from Chicago, our First Look delves into the Adidas Rose 773.

Transitioning into the 2012-2013 season, the Adidas Rose 773 is the first secondary signature shoe for the Chicago Bulls Superstar.  The features include the following:

  • Synthetic leather upper with SprintWeb for light weight performance
  • Cushioning provided by an EVA midsole with a PU insole
  • SprintFrame chassis for light weight support and stability
  • Rubber outsole with spiral traction pattern
  • Adidas miCoach compatible

Aesthetics and Styling

Taking care of Rose with a career long contract, Adidas has their star athlete primed to take over the basketball sneaker world.  The Rose line has been known for performance in only a few short years, and is arguably the highest performing light weight sneaker on the market.  This year, the 2.0 and 2.5 brought performance to a new level, with the 2.0 fit for aggressive play, while the 2.5 did as the 1.5 did in balancing comfort and speed.  In the 773, a meld of the 2 series with the shoes from the past season (Ghost and Shadow to name a few) brings a more standard look to the line.  The upper is made with a light weight synthetic, with SprintWeb on the toe box for added support.  Stability comes from the SprintFrame chassis, with a housing space for a miCoach unit.  For this First Look, what was to be worn by Rose for the Gold Medal game this summer is the choice – dark navy, red, white, with gold to top it off.

Adidas Rose 773 (Gold Medal)

A shiny gold SprintFrame chassis equipped 773 was to be worn by Derrick Rose for the Gold Medal game for the 2012 Summer Olympics

As with all Derrick Rose related shoes, ankle protection and support are of paramount importance, and the side profile reveals a high/mid cut collar, with ample padding.  A shiny gold SprintFrame chassis gleams from the lower half, while the upper exudes simplicity.  On the underside, the signature S-shaped outsole is just ready to rip the courts up.  The contoured red rubber is molded with gold speckles, forming a toe cap with the “1” in the center.  At the forefoot, a curved vertical groove separates a spiral area on the medial and the long fish bone like section that slithers to the heel.  The mid foot sees a miCoach logo and the heel finishes off the outsole with a simple traction pattern on lateral side.  Cushioning comes in the form of an EVA midsole, stacked gold and white.  Signature markings find their way to the lateral heel where the mock Derrick Rose autograph is found.

For this Gold Medal special, a synthetic, smooth nubuck-like material on the upper replaces the standard synthetic leather from the regular color schemes.  The toe box area is covered with perforations, stitched on from the throat line to the forefoot.  Use of SprintWeb creates a triangular graphic design.  The sides are simply done with perforations from top to bottom.

Shining bright with the three stripes, the gold SprintFrame is the pillar of support.  Continuing through the mid foot, the SprintFrame contains a drop for a miCoach unit just like the 2.5.  At the heel, a synthetic leather portion gives form to the shoe, running up the collar and extending all the way to the forefoot.  The collar rises naturally with two triangular padded lobes on the center of each sides.  Padding is ample, and down the SprintFrame heel counter on the inside, there is little padding, if any.  Lining is a diamond textured synthetic.

Adidas Rose 773 (Gold Medal)

This secondary Rose model may be a sign of good things to come for the face of Adidas Basketball

Just like the upper and SprintFrame, standard oval laces are replaced by dual colored braided laces for the Gold Medal Game.  Eight eyelets house the laces, with the final three on the collar.  The middle eyestay is integrated into the upper and runs straight up, but is sectionalized.  A mesh tongue has a lace holder in the center and is lined as the collar is from the top down.  The diamond gold “ROSE” patch stands on the top of the tongue, giving a dominating look.  To wrap up this secondary Rose model, a thin high quality PU insole is found on the footbed for comfort.  An Adidas logo is printed on the heel of one, while “773” is observed on the other insole.

A First Look

An interesting addition to the Rose line, the 773 represents a more standard approach.  The shoe does not have any of the aesthetic flash seen with the previous versions this season (other than this Gold Medal color scheme).  Also, it would have been a treat for fans to watch the 2011 MVP fight for an Olympic gold in the 773 this summer.  Nonetheless, the questions about this secondary Rose shoe remains – is the performance a refinement of the 2.0/2.5 or does it simply address a need that the previous versions were lacking?  Next month, you can find out our thoughts when we reveal our full Performance Review of the Adidas Rose 773.

Adidas Rose 773 (Gold Medal)