Adidas Rose 733 - USA

The Adidas Rose 733


With a horrific injury sidelining the 2011 NBA MVP, Adidas was left without their star athlete representing the company on the court during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  Nonetheless, plans were in place to have Rose unveil a secondary team Rose line for the summer.  Entitled the 773, our First Look went into the performance features and aesthetics of what is sure to be a top performer this season.  Now our Performance Review takes the 5th Rose branded Adidas shoe on the hardwood.   Dressed in the red, white, and blue of the USA, the Adidas Rose 773 does the Rose franchise justice.

(Note: The miCoach feature was not evaluated in this Performance Review)

Comfort and Fit

With only a single lace holder keeping the tongue in place, creating an opening for the foot to pass through is fast and easy.  True to size, the light & thin synthetic upper holds tight and comfortable.  Unlike the 2.0/2.5 which had the Sprint Web clinging and fitting the form of the foot with an airy feel, the leather has a more closed feel but is thankfully not suffocating.  Most of the lace pressure is felt through the side panels, leading to the forefoot area where the toe box is stitched.  It is flat with little wiggle room.  As customary for a Rose related shoe, ankle support and protection is very good.  The Sprint Frame counter does a good job of providing a contoured holder for the heel, and the collar and tongue create a tight, comfortable wrap.  Padding around the ankles is not thick which goes with how the sides fit – very close but not cumbersome.  On the sides of the collar, the triangular lobes are not immediately felt, as they are placed more for support in motion.  For cushioning, the PU insole is a perfect fit for the solid EVA midsole.  This combination makes for a responsive feel.  The contours of the sole keep the foot from sitting flat, and the arch support is excellent.  Evaluating fit, the Rose 773 sits comfortably close to the foot, with pronounced arch support and a responsive, solid base.

Adidas Rose 733 - USA

A synthetic leather upper sits close and tight, while the EVA midsole brings a responsive feel


Like a high performance sports car each and every Adidas Rose model has a tight, aggressive feel – and the 773 does not stray from this.  The upper holds close to the foot with good comfort, and the sole is solid.  Court feel is excellent and is on the low side, with the arch having a suspended feel.  Running off the S-shaped sole is very responsive.  Movement flows really well as the shoe pushes the player to move in all directions.  The toe box flexes around the stitched areas at the forefoot making heel to toe transitions tight and comfortable.  Performance is fit for the very active offensive player.  As you would expect from a Rose shoe, the 773 is capable of handling explosive movements and abrupt change of directions.  The strongest aspects lie with the responsiveness and the natural push for the player to move in all directions.  Whether its a jump stop or changing directions while moving forward, the construction of the sole gives a natural feel.  It always seems that the player is balanced on the court, and even if momentum carries the player to an awkward position, getting back in stride is an afterthought.  Moving laterally is a breeze, as there is no real hindrances in all aspects, including the weight of the shoe and the shape of the lateral forefoot.  And speaking of weight, the shoe plays light.  Finishing at the rim and just jumping in general are aided by the weight and responsive nature of the shoe.  The player will land with comfort and excellent impact protection, as the PU insole and EVA midsole have a solid, but giving feel when supporting the player.  Compared to previous Rose models, the 773 plays more traditional in the sense that it feels like a regular basketball shoe.  The signature Rose models each had a unique distinct aspect that made them one of a kind on the court.  For this team model, the essence of the Rose line is preserved, and is just a pleasure to play in on the court.  For performance, the 773 is a responsive, light weight, and fast performer.

Stability performance is very good.  These days, strictly leather uppers are seldom used because of the push for light weight performance.  Starting with the upper, the synthetic leather holds the foot close and tight.  As it is on the thin side, the bulky feel is not present which makes stability best observed for quicker movements rather than the constant grind of grounded play.  Swiveling side to side, jabbing, twisting and turning, the foot is well supported with little slippage.  Arch support is pronounced because of the shape of the sole, which not only helps with movement, but also allows for the upper to do the job.  And for ankle support, the 773 does a great job.  Although the hold and wrap is not thick or heavily padded, it is sufficient for players that value ankle support.  With all the Rose models released, the 773 sits as one of the most stable Rose shoes to be released.

Adidas Rose 733 - USA

The S-shaped outsole and multi-directional traction pattern are smooth on the court

The S-shaped outsole and multi-directional pattern yield excellent traction performance.  Best observed in the flow of action, the shoe has a gliding, yet grippy feel cutting, changing directions, and working forward.  Yes the shoe can stop and start with the best of them, but it is how the shoe flows is what stands out.  The design of the sole makes it natural for the player not to be flat footed.  Whether the player is tilting the shoe on the medial where the spiral traction pattern is found, or holding for grip on the lateral heel the 773 does not fail.  In summary, traction is balanced for both grip and movement, a must for the fast and aggressive player.  Ventilation performance is just as good as traction.  The upper is made with plenty of perforations, and because the fit is not cumbersome, the shoe rarely overheats.  Also, the mesh tongue is light, not trapping heat in.  Players can play in comfort as far as ventilation is concerned.

The 773 fills in the gap between being very light weight and aggressive to a very balanced, comfortable, and a bit more stable performer.  In essence, it is a more traditional version of the 2.5 and everything you would expect from a Rose signature shoe.  What is most impressive is the fact that, although they look and are constructed very similar, the 773 does offer aspects that have a different feel on the court than the 2.5/2.0.  Like all Rose signatures, the shoe has great responsiveness and is very fast & aggressive.  The guard, swingman, and the big man that prefers a fast shoe will find an aspect that will be fitting to their game in this shoe.  In the end, the 773 is just another excellent addition to the top signature line in the basketball sneaker industry today.  Available now at the Official Adidas Online Store, the Adidas Rose 773 can be purchased in multiple color schemes.

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