Adidas Rose 3

The Adidas Rose 3


Still rehabbing from a season ending knee injury, Derrick Rose is on the path to recovery, hopeful for a return in the later part of the 2012-2013 season.  Rose will undoubtedly be out of the line up for the remaining calendar year, but that has not derailed his spirit or the hoopla surrounding the most anticipated Adidas release this year.  An unveiling last month had a tearful Derrick Rose introduce the Rose 3 along with a new signature line of apparel.  Adidas has taken the next step forward with their MVP endorser, aggressively marketing this latest Rose shoe on all fronts.  Consistently at the top in terms of performance in only two years, the line has earned the premium status.  Expectations at an all time high, does this new direction for Adidas and Rose mark a path to greatness for the years to come?  What will sure to be at the top of the list this season, our latest Performance Review takes the highly anticipated Adidas Rose 3 on the hardwood.

One of the most anticipated sneakers to hit the market this Fall, the Adidas Rose 3 is the 6th Derrick Rose signature shoe released.  The features include the following:

  • Light weight synthetic upper with perforations for increased ventilation and Sprintweb material for flexibility
  • Cushioning provided by a compression molded EVA midsole
  • Sprintframe chassis for stability
  • Ankle support and protection provided by a padded Geofit™ collar
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern and flex grooves

Aesthetics and Styling

For the past two years Adidas has successfully grown and established the Rose brand to stand among the elite.  This year, a new approach has been taken with regards to design and presentation for 3.0, taking the luxurious route.  Opting for a cleaner design over the sleek, technological looks for the predecessors, the Rose 3 still carries subtle themes which represent the player himself, topped of with a brand new logo that will be used for anything Rose related.  The main technological features that we have all become accustomed to in previous Rose signatures – Sprintweb, Sprintframe chassis, Geofit™ collar system – find their way on to the 3.0.  What is new to this model is an upper made of one material, in this case synthetic leather/nubuck.  And finally, the running theme throughout the shoe focuses on Rose, his family, and the city of Chicago.  The choice for this Performance Review is the black/red/white Chicago Bulls Away color scheme.

Adidas Rose 3

Diamond shard perforations are cut into the synthetic leather upper

A side profile of the Rose 3 shows off a high/mid cut shape.  The lines are straightforward without presenting a blocky or sharp look.  Diamond cut shards give a nice style touch, while allowing the leather upper to set a luxurious and subdued tone.  Perhaps the most simple design for the series up to this point, the contoured rubber outsole is marked with the Adidas three stripe logo running from heel to toe.  A raised herringbone traction pattern is molded down the entire sole with 5 flex grooves added at the forefoot for flexibility.  The outsole forms a toe cap with a small Adidas logo molded in, while the three stripes run up the heel, onto the foam midsole.  At the mid foot, there is a smooth patch of rubber on the medial side and the miCoach branding sits in the center.  Supporting the outsole is a speckled EVA midsole.  This midsole runs the length of the base with a dramatic curve on the medial for optimal arch support.

The upper has an almost seamless and clean look.  Synthetic leather covers the entire upper, broken up by stitching and perforation shards.  The toe box is done simply with the leather covering the entire area.  On top, small diamond shard openings are present, while the front of the area is covered (with added support around the big toe) for maximum protection.  The sides carry the same look, with the textured leather marked with the diamond shard perforations.  Underneath the leather lies the Sprintweb layer, which is visible in red.  The vamp is finished off with a reinforced piece stitched at the medial base.

Going back to the original Rose 1.0, the three stripe logo runs vertically on the Sprintframe chassis.  The stripes have a faint diamond pattern engrained into them, while the rest of the chassis is smooth and shiny.  Running to the mid foot, the main stability element is covered by the midsole on the medial, but exposed on the lateral with the “SPRINTFRAME” logo on display.  Back to the heel, the Achilles notch rises rather high with the Adidas logo carved into the leather in the center, and the “SRINT WEB” branding down the medial side.  The Geofit™ collar, like the 1.0, is made up of a thick tube-like padded portion.  Neoprene openings give the collar more flexibility, while the textured lining again has the diamond pattern.  Aside from the tube portions, there is little padding on the inside, where the “GEOFIT™” logo is hidden.

For lacing, thick flat laces run through 8 eyelets.  Each eyelet is cut into the synthetic upper at a point, excluding the three collar eyelets.  A thin mesh tongue is connected on the inside, lined with a silky synthetic for comfort.  The leather patch on top of the tongue is where the biggest and most personal touch of Derrick Rose is found.  First, the front is marked with the new Rose logo.  The petals of a rose form a circle around a “D” with the “ROSE” text underneath.  On the back side, a graphic of a tree brach and street pole depicts areas around Chicago, as well as personal quotes from the 2010-2011 MVP.  The last aspect of the shoe comes with a bright orange PU insole.  Offering the best in comfort and performance, the insole is light and amply padded.  The Rose petal logo stands bold in black on the heel, behind the bright back drop.

Comfort and Fit

A generous loosening of the laces is needed to push through the synthetic sides, which stand stiff.  Laced tightly, the sides press down and conform to the foot for a close, snug, true to size fit.  Lace pressure is felt mainly through the middle, as the shoe opens up with more room at the toe box.  Here, there is some room length wise (which might mean a half size down for some), and in terms of width, the shoe opens up nicely compared to the conforming sides.  There is comfortable wiggle room and overall, the toe box is close without to much crowding.  At the rear, the Sprintframe heel counter holds the heels comfortably.  Unlike the previous Rose models where the Sprintframe had a somewhat hard feel, the 3.0 feels a bit more comfortable in this aspect.  The Geofit™ collar and leather tongue provide a nice padded wrap for excellent support with good protection.  To keep the fit comfortable, the ankles are wrapped without the restrictive feeling.  Below, cushioning is comfortable but solid, as EVA midsole has a thick feel with some give.  The shoe brings pronounced arch support, and sits contoured rather than flat.  A snug and conforming fit combines with a responsive base and excellent ankle support to make for another Rose signature shoe that feels at home on the foot.

Adidas Rose 3

The Geofit™ collar provides support and comfort, while the upper conforms to the foot


A Derrick Rose branded shoe is expected to deliver on being fast and explosive.  The fit and solid feel in a static position on the hardwood lets the player know where the shoe will push towards – playing hard at a break neck pace.  On the court, the shoe does not sit as low as the 1 series, nor does it have the distinct feel that the 2 series brought.  In this case, court feel is a bit more traditional with a thick midsole and flat outsole, but still having the natural feel as well as the pronounced arch support.  Getting up to speed out of the box is solid, with no break in period necessary.  The toe box flexes well easing in heel to toe transitions which are fast and natural.  Weight wise, the shoe does play on the light side.  The upper is pressed up close to the foot, but is not overbearing, flexing well.  Playing at a fast hard pace is done in stride, whether is it cutting abruptly in the lane, pulling up while speeding down the court, or simply pressing forward.  Moving laterally is a breeze as the EVA midsole has enough give without losing the responsiveness.  Gilding laterally on defense or for all the subtle cuts side stepping an opponent, the shoe flows with swift aggression.  As the shoe has the tendency for tight, aggressive play, the fitting of the upper from the top down is excellent.  The Geofit™ lobes not only hold the ankles comfortably, but does allow for unrestricted movement.  Having the neoprene openings is a godsend for all those low bends and awkward foot placements.  The synthetic upper molds to the foot, as it does not have any of the uncomfortable flex points that plague some of the synthetic uppers of the performers on the market today.  Moving on, jumps are performed with explosive aggression.  Like all Rose shoes, even if the player is not an active jumper, the responsive set up is prime for finishing at the rim, or getting high for a rebound or block shot.  The EVA midsole and great court feel, again have that natural feel, and when landing, nothing holds the player back from getting right back in the flow of the action.  All in all, the balance of responsiveness, weight, and fit shine in bringing out a shoe that simply plays up to the high expectations placed upon it.

Stability performance is outstanding.  First, the Geofit™ collar provides protection, support, and comfort.  Comfort comes with the sectionalized padded lobes and tongue, which is thick enough to cushion the top of the foot without that cumbersome feel.  The collar wraps around the ankles perfectly to provide support, and in action, protection is very good.  Players who value ankle support, but need the agility will find this set up ideal.  Next, the Srintframe chassis proves again as one of the best technological features that is light weight and supportive.  Heavy or light footed players sill find support all around from the heel to the midfoot.  Blazing to the hole, the Sprintframe heel counter pushes the heel back in place, even if there is some slight movement.  For the mid foot, stability is observed pushing hard laterally, as well as for the sudden stops.  Topping everything off is the fit of the upper.  The Sprintweb forms to the foot while the leather holds it in place.  Arch support is outstanding, even though the context of the shoe is light weight.

Not lacking in any area of performance, traction is naturally fluid.  The design of the shoe is about balance, and it is observed best on the outsole.  Molded with a herringbone traction pattern, the sole can handle stops taken quickly, at high speeds, and when playing back to the basket.  What keeps the fluid performance is the fact that the traction pattern is raised.  This allows the player to be able to get in and out of movements without getting stuck in place.  There is really not much to say about traction other than the fact that it falls inline with the great balance that the shoe exhibits.  Ventilation performance is great as expected.  The Sprintweb layer is light and flexible, allowing the foot to breath.  Openings all around the shoe, as well as the light neoprene material on the collar help to make sure that heat is dispersed during intense play.


If evaluated strictly on performance, the Rose line tops all the basketball player signature models.  The shoe does not hide behind tricks, special marketing ploys, or gimmicks, and even then would hold up to the high performance observed on the court.  Playing aggressive, fast with excellent stability and responsiveness, the Rose 3.0 is one of those shoes on the market that all basketball fans should try.  It would be natural to compare each successive Rose model through these first three years.  But instead of comparing the models, what really stands out is the fact that Adidas has, in a sense, crafted 3 very different performing models that stay true to the essence of Rose.  The technological features remain the same (namely the Sprintweb and Sprintframe), but each shoe plays fast, aggressive, and light weight, all with natural court feel.  Because of this Adidas needs to be applauded.  At the end of the day, the Rose 3.0 earns the heavy marketing campaign and will be a prominent performer for the fall.  Available now at the Official Adidas Online Store, the Rose 3.0 was released earlier this month.

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