Adidas adiZero™ Ghost 2.0

The Adidas adiZero™ Ghost 2.0


Consistency in performance (along with the emergence of Derrick Rose as a superstar in the league) is what best describes Adidas Basketball in the past few years.  The company has become more aggressive in attempting to take a larger chunk of the market, using clever campaigns to push their performance models into the mainstream (the adiZero™ Crazy Light comes to mind).  This Fall, the non-signature basketball line up (including the Crazy Light 2) follows in the same path as last season, with the Crazy Shadow, Pro Model Zero, and adiZero™ Ghost being the prominent models pushed on the NCAA and NBA courts.  Versatile and balanced performance has been observed with the Crazy Shadow and Pro Model Zero 2.0.  Will the Ghost 2.0 follow in the same footsteps?  Our final Performance Review of 2012 quietly hovers on to the court with the Adidas adiZero™ Ghost 2.0.

Along with the Crazy Shadow and Pro Model Zero 2.0, the adiZero™ Ghost 2.0 rounds out the Fall 2012 basketball line up for Adidas Basketball.  The features include the following:

  • Synthetic leather upper with Sprintweb for light weight performance and stability
  • Cushioning provided by molded EVA midsole
  • Mid foot TORSION® system stability plate
  • Kurim shell toe box
  • Non marking rubber outsole with wavebone traction pattern

Aesthetics and Styling

Topped only by the Crazy Light 2, the adiZero™ Ghost 2.0 is the sleekest shoe in the Adidas Fall line up.  The lines are sharp long and sharp, giving the look of a fighter jet.  As the Crazy Light 2 is the standard for sleek looks in the Adidas line up, the Ghost 2.0 does get a similar look.  And just like the Crazy Light 2, this version of the Ghost looks to add more stability to the build.  The sides still have the nylon openings and Sprinweb backing, but are now covered with stiff synthetic leather.  The Kurim shell toe box and EVA foundation (with the S-shaped outsole) comes with no surprise.  As a team shoe, the Ghost 2.0 comes in standard colors, and for this Performance Review, the grey, black, and white color scheme is the choice.

Adidas adiZero™ Ghost 2.0

Following up on the original Ghost, the 2.0 make slight changes but remains in the light weight category

Streaking from the sides, the three stripe logo is planted right on the quarter panel.  A Kurim toe box has a shiny look with trapezoidal shapes throughout.  The mid cut definitely has a sleek look.  As always, the underside is what we begin with.  The familiar S-shaped outsole and EVA midsole design makes up the foundation, just like the Pro Model Zero 2.0 and Crazy Shadow.  The rubber is molded with a wavebone traction pattern with flex grooves all around.  Micoach compatibility finishes off the foundation.

A blend of synthetic materials makes up the body of the shoe.  Up front, the Kurim toe box is sharp and shiny.  Stitched on, the throat line comes to a point, while the sides extend to the forefoot.  Perforation holes are punctured into the synthetic material in between the trapezoid cuts.  On the sides, the Adidas three stripe logo streaks on each side.  The synthetic leather is stiff with a smooth feel.  There are nylon slits in between the logo, and the “adiZero” & “SPRINT WEB” branding come with the signature fading line which moves along the collar to the forefoot.

Patent leather makes an appearance at the rear.  The heel counter is covered with a plastic synthetic, with a carbon fiber design and an Adidas logo planted in the center.  This plastic piece is outlined by black patent leather which runs up the collar.  Each side has a triangle portion littered with perforation holes.  Above the patent leather three small perforation reveal a metallic backing.  The heel comes up to an Achilles lobe where a checkerboard heel tab is found.  Rising at a sharp angle, the collar is lined with a textile synthetic and has soft padding.

Multi-colored flat laces run through seven eyelets which run straight up, punctured into the synthetic leather.  Each eyelet is reinforced, as the synthetic leather is raised around the holes.  The mesh tongue is padded and is light weight.  A long strip cuts through the center, serving as a lace holder towards the throat line and at the top.  Lining comes just as the collar is.  A patent leather patch is found at the top with a holographic Adidas logo and checkerboard strip on the back.  The final aspect of the Ghost 2.0 is a high quality, stiff PU insole.  A textured material acts as a liner with an Adidas logo on the heel.

Comfort and Fit

Stiff sides and a narrow lacing system requires loosening of the laces before entering into the Ghost 2.0.  Once laced tight, the shoe has a gripping true to size feel.  Pressure is felt down the center of the foot without any major discomforting areas.  The Kurim toe box lays almost flat with little wiggle room but is not cumbersome.  For the sides, the upper feels like skin as the synthetic leather drapes and conforms to the foot.  Up top, angle protection and support is good.  The steep incline of the collar rise just high enough to cover the ankles, while the tongue solidifies the wrap in the front.  A contrast to the upper, the collar does not grip too hard.  Heel lockdown is solid and tight.  The Achilles support is a nice touch as it compliments the collar in giving a more free and an open feel over a restrictive and protective wrap around the ankles.  Below, cushioning is stiff and responsive.  The PU insole provides the comfort and the contoured shape of the midsole gives the arch a floating feel.  Arch support is excellent, observed with the tightness of the leather and Sprintweb cupping the foot.  Tight, non restrictive, and responsive, the Ghost 2.0 brings a precise fit to the hardwood.

Adidas adiZero™ Ghost 2.0

Fitting like a glove, the Sprintweb upper and Kurim toe box sit right on the foot


Similar to the Crazy Shadow, court feel excellent.  Once the player steps on the court, the solid foundation and contoured fit feel tailor made for basketball.  The rubber outsole sits flat on the court, but getting up to speed feels natural.  Heel to toe transitions feel solid through the stiff midsole in terms of cushioning and natural in terms of general forward movement.  Because the forefoot area is significantly larger and the arch support is pronounced, most might feel the shoe pushes towards the medial forefoot.  The weight of the shoe is light as the thin and stiff upper fit tight, but are not cumbersome.  A short break in period might be needed to get the shoe to ease in, especially at the Kurim toe box, which is a bit stiff out of the box.  Performance, just like the Crazy Shadow, is versatile as expected.  A large forefoot section displays the responsiveness of the shoe.  Playing off the forefoot is natural and responsive.  This is very evident with lateral movement in various situations.  Moving along the court or shuffling, pushing off the sole is solid and responsive.  The rounded shape of the sole makes movement more fluid than clunky and it feels that there is no hinderances.  For more abrupt changes of directions, swiveling on the forefoot performs just as well, as the player can feel the balance of the shoe come into play.  Even though the shoe pushes towards the medial forefoot, playing off the heel is just as solid.  Post play is very comfortable and responsive.  Again, the midsole has a consistent feel from the toes down, so pushing off on the hardwood gives the player that great court feel.  With the back to the basket, the collar design and Achilles cut keeps the shoe agile.  The ankles are supported, but because the material is thin and the cut does just enough to cover the ankles, spins and turnarounds feel quick.  Moving to jumping, the shoe is excellent.  Whether in transition on a fast break or for a spot up jumper, pushing off the sole is quick and responsive.  Yes, some comfort is lost, especially when landing, but the overall feel during the flow of action is something every basketball player can benefit from.  Versatile and responsive, the Ghost 2.0 is just another impressive performer for Adidas this year.

In terms of stability, the adiZero™ Ghost 2.0 relies on the tight fit and rigid upper.  Although the shoe is a mid cut, ankle protection is on the light side focusing on the rigidity of the synthetic leather and exceptional heel lock down for support.  Support is geared toward keeping the shoe agile, so the cut does not ride high.  For stability, the very close fit shines.  The synthetic leather and Sprintweb based upper grips the foot close.  Arch support is outstanding, which is very evident when pushing the shoe hard.  There are few moments where the player feels the foot slipping out of place, or sliding at all for that matter.  Missteps are a part of the game, but the shoe does a great job of griping the foot.  It goes without saying that adjustments of the shoe during play are few and far between.  At the mid foot, the TORSION® system plate does an excellent job as always.  The midsole may bit stiff, but the player should not have any problems with discomfort in terms of the sole collapsing during those harsh bends and dips.

Traction performance comes as no surprise mirroring that of the Shadow and Pro Model Zero 2.0.  In this sense, the wavebone traction surface does a good job for all the abrupt movements.  Traction is close to being stop on a dime sticky, as the outsole sits flat.  However, the shoe relies more on the responsiveness to help the player get a better feel of the court.  The S-shaped outsole  with flex grooves all around helps with fluid movement on the whole, keeping the player from slipping.  Flex grooves allow the sole to bend easier, while the shape tends to naturally push the player into a direction.  This creates more balanced traction.  All in all, traction performance is a bright spot for the shoe.  Ventilation is an area where few negatives are found.  The upper is on the thin side and there are plenty of small openings all over the shoe.  Also, the collar does not choke off any ventilation, keeping the player comfortable for those long game sessions.


The fight for basketball supremacy has been heating up for the past couple of years.  Nike reigns with an iron fist, leaving the rest of the pack to battle for the next spot.  Adidas has arguably solidified their position as second best through a solid line up of team performers to go alongside their high profile releases.  The adiZero™ Ghost 2.0 follows in the path of the original, bringing a more stable build with the light weight, versatile, and responsive performance which it is characterized by.  Performers like the Ghost 2.0 and Crazy Shadow are not the high profile models, but are the ones that are suitable for everyday play and perfect for teams. Released late Summer, the adiZero™ Ghost 2.0 is available at the Official Adidas Online Store.

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