Last week, we began our list of the top 9 performers of the Summer/Fall 2012.  They included such mainstays from Nike with the Hyperdunk (2012) and Hyperfuse (2012), as well as from Adidas with the adiZero™ Ghost 2.0/Crazy ShadowUnder Armour cracked the top 9 with the Spine Bionic.  Moving on to our top 5, the competition is very close.  In past years, the separation between our top performers was clear, but for the end of 2012, there is a fine line separating these top 5 of the Summer/Fall.  Without further delay, the top 5 starts with a shoe that shines in almost every performance category.

Jordan CP3.VI

5 – Jordan CP3.VI

The only Jordan Brand shoe on our list has a little bit of everything – and it does all that well.  Comfortable cushioning, a great fit, well rounded performance, stability, and some of the best traction for any shoe this year, the CP3.VI has very few weaknesses.  Jordan Brand signature shoes have not always been looked at as the pinnacle of performance in recent years.  Slowly but surely, they have been coming along.  It can be argued that the VI is the best CP3 signature model yet.

Adidas Rose 3

4 – Adidas Rose 3

At the number 4 spot comes no surprise – the Adidas Rose 3.  There really is nothing more that can be said about the Rose line other than the fact that it has dominated all other signature models in performance since the Rose 1.0 in 2010.  The Rose 3 continues the high performance trend with excellent court feel, stability, and aggressiveness on the court.  There is no shoe on the market that can do what the Rose line has been doing over the past couple of seasons.  With the Rose 3.5 looming, only greatness is expected.

Adidas Rose 773

3 – Adidas Rose 773

Adidas and Derrick Rose make 2 out of our top 5.  The 773 was to be introduced during the Summer Olympic Games, and we all know how those plans were derailed.  A mix of the 2.0 and 2.5 is what the 773 brings.  The 2.5 lacked some stability, while the 2.0 lacked in comfort which the 773 rectifies.  Like all Rose shoes, the 773 is aggressive with excellent court feel.  It might not be a main signature shoe, but it definitely should not be overlooked.

Under Armour Micro G® Torch

2 – Under Armour Micro G® Torch

To say Under Armour exceeded expectations these past two years may be misleading.  After all, the company did have a strong background in athletic performance wear, but just not experienced in the basketball shoe industry.  So far, they have fared very well in terms of performance.  The Micro G® Torch takes our number 2 spot for all around performance.  A fast and stable performer with excellent traction and comfort, the Torch may be the most versatile shoe on this list.  Those still skeptical about Under Armour need to snatch up a pair to see what the company is all about.

Reebok Wall Season 3: ZigEscape

1 – Reebok Wall Season 3: ZigEscape

Reebok introduced their Zig Technology into basketball with the high performing ZigSlash.  Taking a step back with the ZigEncore last season, the designers have nailed it with the second Wall signature shoe.  The ZigEscape is one of those shoes that needs to be played on the court.  No shoe on the market can bring this kind of court feel, and when playing in it, it is a shoe simply made for basketball.  Excellent traction and the best court feel out of all the shoes on the list place it at our highest spot.  This shoe may not be for everyone (for whatever reason), but on the court performance can not be denied.

There you have it, our Top 9 of the Summer/Fall is complete!  Let us know what you think in our comments section.  We must say, again, that these top 5 are very close in performance.  There is little separating each performer, and in the end, it always comes down to personal preference when deciding on a shoe that will work for you.  2013 looks to continue a strong trend of amazing performers.  Be on the look out for our Performance Reviews of the Nike Kobe 8 System, Jordan Melo M9, Adidas Rose 3.5, as well as the Nike KD V.  Of course we will have many more reviews from other companies, such as Peak, Li-Ning, and Spalding, as it is expected for them to release some of their offerings in the US later this year.  We value all the support from each and every one of you and encourage any and all discussions for each of our reviews – we always try and respond to all of your questions.  You can like us on the Official Black Lotus Facebook Page and follow us on the Official Black Lotus Twitter Page for all the updates!  Thank you all again, and we hope you continue to support us throughout 2013!!!

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