The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick - John Wall - Wizards PE

The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick


For the past couple of season, Adidas has used March Madness as a showcase to springboard their latest performer for the Summer/Fall.  Last year was the follow up to the lightest basketball shoe ever made in the adiZero™ Crazy Light 2.  This season brings a revamp of the Puremotion™ which die hard fans have been clamoring for since the last models featuring the technology were released 3 years ago.  As the Adidas Basketball line has evolved and now has a light weight focus, it comes with no surprise that this latest performer follows in this trend.  Entitled the adiPure Crazyquick, this latest Performance Review looks to see if it meets all the expectations that the Puremotion™ technology has set.

The first shoe implementing the successor to the Puremotion technology, the Crazyquick looks to start off the Summer season on a bang.  The features include the following:

  • Techfit™ upper for light weight, flexible support
  • Cushioning provided by Puremotion™ midsole
  • Sprintframe construction for stability and light weight support
  • Padded collar for comfort and ankle security
  • Segmented non-marking rubber outsole featuring four zones of quickness with herringbone pattern for traction

Aesthetics and Styling

Ever since the release of the original Crazy Light, the design of Adidas Basketball shoes the past few season has been based around a Sprintweb upper with openings on the sides, and an S-shaped outsole.  Fans waiting for an update in style will be pleased with what the Crazyquick brings to the table.  Centered around fit and movement based performance, the Quick has a soft and flexible techfit™ upper.  This teams up with the trusty Sprintframe construction, which is visible by a expansive shiny heel counter, bringing stability to the build.  The most important, and most anticipated feature of the shoe, comes with the segmented outsole.  Updating the Puremotion™ technology, the outsole is separated into four zones and gives a look almost like the Reebok Zig Technology from all angles.  It no doubt screams fluid motion.  First seen on the NCAA courts during March Madness, the initial run of Crazyquick releases includes a Michigan yellow, along with bright blue, aqua, and black color schemes.  The choice for this Performance Review comes from the newest star to join the Adidas Basketball family.  This silver, navy, and red John Wall Player Edition was the first Crazyquick model to be worn on an NBA court.

The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick - John Wall - Wizards PE

Fans of the Puremotion™ technology will be elated with this updated version

A side profile of the Crazyquick shows off a standard mid cut look.  A grid pattern on the techfit™ upper, collar bubble, shiny heel counter, and curves of sole give the shoe a somewhat busy look.  And speaking of busy, the four zones of the non-marking rubber outsole are the most complex of any basketball shoe released this year.  Each zone is signified by color.  Starting at the top is the toe zone.  This zone forms a toe cap which has a small Adidas logo in the center.  The herringbone traction pattern runs through the front and down the lateral side.  Next are the forefoot and mid foot zones, also molded with the herringbone traction pattern.  These zones are separated first by a slithering vertical groove, cutting down the center and running all the way to the heel.  The forefoot zone is placed on the medial side consisting of seven rounded segments, while the medial side follows suit with six more uniform rectangular segments.  In between each of the horizontal grooves created for this area, the stiff Sprintframe mid foot plate is observed.  The last part of this complex sole is the heel zone.  Separated into three sections, the herringbone traction pattern has a curved look.  There are two large areas rounding the back end and medial side, with the small portion on the lateral side having an Adidas logo molded in.  Supporting the rubber outsole is a foam midsole, which has a stacked look.  The top of the midsole is smooth and painted, while the lower have has a textured feel.  Following the natural design created from the outsole, the midsole accentuates the segments on each side, with a large crescent up on the lateral.

An almost seamless upper is made of the stretchy and flexible techfit™ material.  A smooth layer is glued on top of the techfit™ in certain areas for added support.  Up front, the toe box has the stretch material covering the top.  Small metallic silver ovals create a design over the red base, while the smooth silver supportive layer covers the cap, big toe, and crosses the throat line.  Each side follows a symmetric design which begins with the three stripe logo at the forefoot.  The blue stripes follow the segments on the sole and rise to the first three lace hoops.  Next, the quarter panels have the splotch design, with the smooth silver overlay rounding the heel counter.  “techfit” brands the medial side just above the heel in red text.

Reflective and shiny, the heel counter extends almost to the mid foot on each side.  The middle portion of the counter on each side has the oval design, and the “crazyquick” text is embedded on the lateral side.  Back to the heel, the smooth metallic layer lies just below the stitched John “111 A L L” logo patch.  The Achilles notch and inside lining stick out as the collar rises up.  Just like the adiZero™ Rose 2.5, the sides of the collar have U-shaped padded lobes.  The collar has the techfit™ material to keep ankle restriction to a minimum.  On the inside, the lining is a diamond textured synthetic, while padding is soft.

The Crazyquick is equipped with seven lace hoops that have standard oval laces running through.  Slight asymmetry is how the lacing system is set up, as it leans towards the medial side.  The lace hoops are stitched on the smooth metallic eyestay for support.  Underneath the laces sits the techfit™ tongue.  The tongue is stitched and fixed all the way up to the 5th lace hoop.  After the techfit™material ends, the tongue patch begins with a smooth silver patch that has a lace holder cut in.  The top of the patch has a blue silky portion where a silver Adidas logo sits.  On the back of the tongue, a mock John Wall signature, with the #2, is found.  Finally, a high quality PU insole, also found in the Rose and Crazy Light models, covers the Sprintframe equipped footbed.  Branding is found on the heel, in red, with “adipure” and “crazyquick.”

Comfort and Fit

Because of the fixed tongue and narrow lacing system, getting into the Crazyquick takes some wiggling.  Although the collar opening is sufficient, getting through the center portion of the shoe may be a bit tight, especially for those with wide feet.  Fit is a snug true to size with most of the pressure felt where the tongue is stitched in place (from the forefoot to the mid foot) and around the collar.  The toe box has a precise, flat, and close fit.  There is some wiggle room where the foot pushes right through the comfortable techfit™ material.  Moving to the heel, the shiny  counter holds tight.  Again, it fit has a precise feel with little to no movement.  Up the heel, the Achilles is supported comfortably.  The material is not thick, but it does feel protected from top to bottom and most importantly, movement does not feel restricted.  Around the ankles, the collar and tongue provide a tight wrap.  The wrap is expansive, but not too high, giving the feeling of both security and protection, while the techfit™ material again comes into play bringing a good sense of flexibility.  Padding is sufficient as discomfort is a non-issue.  For cushioning, the Crazyquick has a responsive set up.  It is neither plush nor too stiff, which fits the performance.  The design of the sole means that arch support is excellent, and while the techfit™ upper is tight and supportive, the fact that it has natural flex helps to make arch support more bearable.  A precise fit with a responsive foundation, the techfit™ material is the highlight for the Crazyquick.

The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick - John Wall - Wizards PE

Tight and flexible, the techfit™ material has a sock-like feel around the foot


In a static position on the hardwood, the Crazyquick has a natural feel, ready to play without any break in period.  One aspect that may affect certain players is the fact that the forefoot, with the fixed tongue, does grip really tight.  This means that the player will have to find a comfort zone where the shoe can feel natural with the foot (it is recommended that the player pushes the shoe hard to shorten that period).  Moving on, the profile of the shoe is not the lowest, but court feel is excellent.  Once into a sprint, the segmented sole steals the show.  Heel to toe transitions are fast and natural.  The sole feels as though it can flex in any direction fast and quick.  Those familiar with the Reebok Zig Technology will find this set up similar, but the feeling is more comfortable and flexible.  Speaking of flexibility, as flexible as the outsole is, the upper is just as flexible.  The shoe has a sock-like set up, but in a more supportive sense.  Without moving, the techfit™ does not give a sense that it is too soft, but in motion, it stretches and bends with the foot as the player moves.  And it goes without saying that the weight of the shoe is very light.  For performance, the shoe is fit for the quick, fast player who values activity and movement.  Getting around the court in any sense has that natural feel.  Flexibility and balance are great from the upper to the sole as the player just glides and moves wherever and whenever he/she pleases.  In all, movement, whether forward, lateral, or backwards, does not seem forced at all with the shoe.  This allows the player to play free and open – very hard to find in any shoe.  So with movement handled, the next aspect that plays well is responsiveness.  The segmented outsole design is great for balance, which plays along with the responsiveness of the shoe.  Guards and quicker players will find that changing directions has an aggressive flow.  The player can feel confident and ready to pounce in any direction playing off the segments, and the shoe just pushes the player into action.  For jumps, the shoe is quick and explosive.  Pushing off the sole and foam mid sole does not have a cushioned bounce, but the player does get up quick and fast.  The segments are rounded which is great when the player jumps off the forefoot.  Landings have the player in a position to stay balanced and break into a sprint.  A very impressive performer, the Crazyquick brings flexibility, speed, and a natural feel on the court.

Considering the flexible and thin techfit™ upper, stability performance does have bright spots.  There are two aspects that stand out when evaluating stability, namely the fit around the forefoot and the Sprintfame construction.  First, the techfit™ upper provides a very tight fit around the foot, limiting slippage and any unwarranted movement.  This is mainly felt around the forefoot which locks the foot down (this may not be the most ideal for those with wide feet).  The three stripe logo on each sides adds a barrier over the otherwise soft and flexible techfit™ material.  What this does is eliminates the feeling of failure that might otherwise be felt, and lets the player take on those harsh or quick lateral movements.  Up top, the collar does a good job of securing and protecting the ankles.  What helps the most – besides the fit – when ankle support is observed are the protruding padded lobes.  Because the upper material is very flexible, it is easy for the player to push right through the material.  The padded areas act like bumpers and have give for the ankles to push, without moving.  The best aspect of stability for the shoe is with the Sprintframe construction.  On the backend, the stiff heel counter brings excellent protection and hold.  Power players can player in the post, while outside players will find the lockdown great for back peddling into a turn.  Below, the large heel to mid foot plate keeps the shoe stable for all the flexing that that upper and sole go through.  This is paramount because without the stability plate, all those deep bends may slow down the overall performance of the shoe.  In the end, stability performance is geared towards fast and fluid play.

Traction performance is as expected – excellent.  With the segmented design, it is obvious that court feel and natural movement are paramount.  Those who are looking for all out stick on the court will not find this ideal.  However, the shoe has no problems when traction is evaluated.  The wave traction pattern does a great job of providing hold for any movement – harsh or not.  Each segmented area will provide grip when it does touch the court surface.  Because it is segmented, it allows to player to find traction when needed, according to how their foot moves with the shoe.  This is the perfect set up for player who are very active and value speed and quickness.  For the power player, the design is great in the post.  The player can be nimble using the segmented zones to not get stuck in place, and play with quick power with the flexibility of the sole not limiting the range of movement.  All in all, traction performance is outstanding.  For ventilation, the shoe does not have any glaring issues.  The techfit™ upper fits really tight around the foot, just like a sock.  Ventilation comes from the fact that the material does stretch and allows the foot to have some movement.  Over long session, some may have problems with heat and moisture, depending on the player.


Adidas has carried on with the “Crazy” series just as Nike has done with the “Hyper” line.  For Adidas, the releases are more calculated because of the limited number of models introduced each quarter.  This has allowed the company to put more focus and marketing behind whatever shoe they see fit.  The Crazyquick represent the start of where the basketball line is headed in the next couple of years.  As the Puremotion™ established the standard for performance when it was released, the follow up comes with great expectations.  In a few words, the Crazyquick is a fast, nimble, and very natural performer that does live up to the hype.  This next generation Purermotion™ has everything a player can ask for – fluid and natural on the court with great balance.  Whether it tops the “Feet You Wear” or the original Puremotion™ is up to debate.  But what is most important is that the shoe does not disappoint.  One of the best this year, the adiPure Crazyquick is available in multiple color schemes at the Official Adidas Online Store.

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