Christmas Day, to All-Star Weekend and on to the Playoffs, these events have always marked the time for special color schemes in the basketball sneaker world.  Each season looks to up the ante with more elaborate themes and stories to go along with flashy colors.  Black History Month and Easter are only a few of the newly added times for special releases and now, they are not limited to signature models expanding the special color schemes to popular non-signature models.  This year was no exception for color schemes as all the top companies came prepared.  For our Time Walk Special, we have encompassed the whole season and begin with one of the most popular models for Nike Basketball.

Nike Kobe 8 Elite -Superhero

Nike Kobe 8 Elite -Superhero

9 – Nike Kobe 8 Elite – “Superhero”

This post season marked the second run of the Nike Elite Basketball Series.  Included in the line this year were the KD V and Lebron X to go along with the Kobe 8.  The initial release of Elite models this season came with a “Superhero” theme.  Bright Poison Green combine with Hyper Blue for our number 9 choice.  On or off the court, you will be noticed in this version of the Kobe 8!

Jordan Melo M9 - Black History Month (BHM)

Jordan Melo M9 – Black History Month (BHM)

8 – Jordan Melo M9 – Black History Month (BHM)

Nike has added Black History Month (February) as a time for special releases.  As each season passes, more and more products commemorate the month.  This year saw perhaps the most releases from top to bottom.  Jordan Brand had their made their presence felt with a number of releases which included the brightest Melo M9 color scheme.  Blue with Volt, this version of the M9 is simple yet bold.  A 3M upper reflects in light to show off the speckles, while Volt pops through the jumpman logos and on the “BHM” logo on the tongue.

Adidas Joy Blue/Pink Pack

Adidas Joy Blue/Pink Pack

7 – Adidas Joy Blue/Pink Pack

Recently released, Adidas comes in at the number 8 spot with a iridescent pack featuring the Rose 3.5, Crazy 8, Top Ten 2000, and Real Deal (pictured are the Rose 3.5 and Real Deal).  Joy Blue, Pink, and Black have a shimmering effect on these flashy colored shoes.  This pack makes our list as the color scheme is just very unique and eye catching in all senses.

Nike Lebron X EXT Cork

Nike Lebron EXT Cork

6 – Nike Lebron X EXT Cork

Lebron capped off the 2012-2013 with another regular season MVP to go along with two of the most important and coveted accolades a player can receive – an NBA Championship with a Finals MVP.  Earlier this year, Nike paid tribute to the first NBA Championship with this very limited and unique version of the Lebron X.  Championships mean champagne and popping the cork off the bottle is what this themed shoe represents.  Brown leather gives the luxurious feel to go along with perhaps the most unique upper to come along in years – cork.  This will definitely be one of the sought after Lebron shoes for years to come.

Adidas Rose 3.5 - Year of the Snake (YOTS)

Adidas Rose 3.5 – Year of the Snake

5 – Adidas Rose 3.5 – Year of the Snake

At our number 5 spot comes the second Rose 3.5 to make our list.  Black accented with bright blue and gold make for one of the most impressive looking releases for the Rose 3.5.  This color scheme gives off an elegant look with an outgoing feel.  Although Rose himself was unable to give fans a good look of the shoe on the courts, Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard did sport the shoe.  The shoe is definitely any eye catcher on the court.

Reebok Wall Season 3: ZigEncore - Black/Blue/Orange

Reebok Wall Season 3: ZigEncore – Black/Blue/Orange

4 – Reebok Wall Season 3: ZigEscape – Black/Blue/Orange

John Wall left Reebok Basketball for Adidas mid-season leaving the ZigEscape in limbo.  As the last Jonh Wall signature Reebok, the ZigEscape went out with a bang in both performance and color schemes.  This black/blue/orange version of the ZigEscape brings a nice mix of dark and neon colors.  The patent leather side panels have a textured raindrop effect on top of the contrasting aesthetics.  With a limited release these versions of the ZigEscape will probably be lost in the history of the John Wall and Reebok collaboration.

Nike Lebron X - All-Star

Nike Lebron X – All-Star

3 – Nike Lebron X – All Star

An Area 72 theme made up all of the All-Star release for Nike this past February.  As always, the Lebron series made a big impact, and consequently has made our number 4 spot with one of the best color schemes of the year.  To start, the purple and light red color scheme is done in a 3M material.  Speckles are placed throughout the upper to give the shoe a “space-like” feel, and of course the effect is on full display under perfect lighting conditions.  The inner lining brings the theme full circle with an all over galaxy print, complete with the signature lion head.

Reebok Kamikaze II Mid (2013 Reissue) - Sonics

Reebok Kamikaze II Mid (2013 Reissue) – Sonics

2 – Reebok Kamikaze II Mid - Sonics

Keeping the Reebok Basketball line alive these days are the Classics.  All-Star weekend saw the reissue of the Shawn Kemp inspired Kamikaze, which included this brand new Seattle Supersonics inspired color scheme.  White, black, and yellow make the shoe perfect for the once prominent basketball franchise and fits the wavy design of the shoe well.  Like the ZigEscape in our number 4 spot, the leather on the upper has the appropriate raindrop texture.  Yellow speckles on the midsole round out this version of the Kamikaze.

Adidas Nightmare Before Christmas Pack

Adidas Nightmare Before Christmas Pack

1 – Adidas Nightmare Before Christmas Pack

For Christmas, Adidas Basketball released one of the most unique packs of the whole season (pictured are the Top Ten 2000 and Rose 3.0).  Playing off the popular Nightmare Before Christmas movie, the Rose 3.0, adiPower Howard 2, Crazy Light 2, and Top Ten 2000 were outfitted in a purple and black color scheme.  The shiny leather uppers were designed with a discreet swirl pattern and gives each shoe a luxurious look & feel.  Deep purple captures the theme perfectly, while the glow-in-the-dark element is the icing on the cake.  This Adidas pack makes the top of our list as it brings together colors, a theme, and a look that is just very unique.

Our color scheme list is dominated by the big 2 – Nike and Adidas – which is no real surprise.  What is evident is that the companies are not only giving fans just a new paint job.  Uses of non-conventional materials (with respect to the basketball sneaker market) now have a story to tell with designers putting meticulous details to carry out a specific theme.  The shoes are not only aesthetically eye catching, but have a purpose & personality behind them.  Sneaker fans everywhere can be excited for this new trend, as they will have so many choices.  And the start of the 2013-2014 season is right here as Summer looks to set the tone for the new season.  Of course color schemes are just one aspect that attracts fans to basketball shoes.  Later this week, we will reveal our Top 9 of 2013 (first half)!