With #9-6 out of the way, our top 5 of the Winter/Fall sees very competitive list of very high performers.  The top 5 includes all high profile performers which had plenty of backing behind them.  In previous years, some surprises were in store for you the reader, but that is not the case this year.  The heavy hitters dominated the first half of our list and continue as we reach #1.  Without further delay, we begin the top 5 with the most popular low cut performer in the market today.

Nike Kobe 8 System - Away

The Nike Kobe 8 System

5 – Nike Kobe 8 System

Our top 5 starts off strong with the Nike Kobe 8.  Since the IV, the Kobe line has pushed the limit for low cut performance basketball shoes and with the 8, the designers have possibly made the best one yet.  The lightest shoe made for Nike Basketball, the 8 again went with Lunarlon cushioning over the beloved Zoom.  This is the first Kobe model to make our list and it does so because of the aggressive, light weight performance.  The Kobe line no doubt remains as one of the best signature lines ever.

Adidas Rose 3.5 - Year of the Snake (YOTS)

The Adidas Rose 3.5

4 – Adidas Rose 3.5

A Derrick Rose model in our top 5?  This seems to be the case every season.  Just like previous years the 0.5 model released during All-Star weekend and featured a different feel in terms of performance to the Fall model.  What makes this a bit different than past season is the fact that the 3.5 is very similar to the 3.0 in performance.  Those looking for a tighter fit and a little less weight from the 3.0 will be pleased with the 3.5.

The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick - John Wall - Wizards PE

The Adidas adiPure Crazyquick

3 – Adidas adiPure Crazyquick

Adidas made big news in the basketball sneaker world introducing the successor to the Puremotion technology.  It is no surprise that the first model equipped with the second generation Puremotion, the adiPure Crazyquick, ranks highly on our list.  Light weight performance and a glove-like fit combine with amazing court feel for one of the best shoes this year.  And on the NBA hardwood, the Quick was featured on almost all of the signature athletes for Adidas.  This is definitely a great start to the new technology.

Air Jordan XX8 - Tour Yellow

The Air Jordan XX8

2 – Air Jordan XX8

Making shockwaves through the industry was the introduction of the Air Jordan XX8.  Designed with a full length bootie, the XX8 feature the Dynamic Fit system and the mid foot Flightplate technology.  All of this wraps the segmental Zoom cushioning technology on the heel and forefoot.  What brings it at our number 2 spot is simple – performance.  With all the bells and whistles the Air Jordan got back to what it should do best.  Excellent fit, light weight performance, great court feel, and a responsive set up makes this one of the best shoes of the year.  If you can get over the bold aesthetics, you will be in for a treat!

The Jordan Melo M9

The Jordan Melo M9

1 – Jordan Melo M9

Jordan Brand rounds out a great year on top with the Melo M9.  The 9th signature Jordan shoe for Carmelo Anthony is the longest running Jordan model aside from the Air Jordan.  Like the XX8, the M9 brings great court feel and responsiveness, but in a more stable package.  The versatility in performance is what separates this shoe from the XX8 and is the reason why it takes our number 1 spot.  We can not wait to see what the designers have in store for the 10th anniversary Melo M10!

Not very big surprises in performance were evident this year as Nike and Adidas lived up to the hype.  With our list complete, let us know what you think about it in our comments section!  For Jordan Brand, taking the top two spots defines the brand that looks so much to push the envelop with innovation, design, and performance.  Both the Jordan XX8 and Melo M9 are outstanding performers and have the innovation & design behind them.  On the other end of the spectrum, Adidas continues to fight strong with the Rose series.  The introduction of the Crazyquick looks to build on their line up which both the Rose and Crazy Light series have started.  As the season is complete, it will be exciting to see what is in store for the rest of 2013.  Black Lotus will continue with our Performance Reviews, which include the Nike KD VI, Adidas Rose 773 2, and Li-Ning Way of Wade during the Summer.  For our valued reader, we absolutely appreciate all the support.  Your comments/questions/opinions help make this site, so we encourage any and all discussions for all the content on our site – we will try and respond to all of your questions.  You can like us on the Official Black Lotus Facebook Page and follow us on the Official Black Lotus Twitter Page for all the updates!  Thank you all again, and we hope you continue to support us throughout 2013!!!

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