Adidas Rose 4

The Adidas Rose 4


Derrick Rose finally made a return to the NBA courts this pre-season after a year long absence.  He took the harsh brunt of criticism during the playoffs last season, deciding not to suit up for the Bulls effort for a title.  In the end, the 2011 MVP felt he needed to be 100% before he competed with the best in the world.  As Rose was on the sidelines for the 2013-2013 season, both the Rose 3.0 and 3.5 were left to be represented by other superstars in the league (namely Tony Allen and Damian Lillard).  The 3.0/3.5 marked a new chapter for the series all around, breaking from the adiZero line and introducing an accompanying Rose signature collection.  But without exposure from Rose himself, the shoe may have fallen short of the high expectations commercially.  With a healthy Rose on board this year, the most highly anticipated Adidas performer of the year is here.   This Performance Review laces up the Adidas Rose 4.

After sitting out the entire 2012-2013 season, Derrick Rose returns in the Adidas Rose 4.  The features include the following:

  • Synthetic leather upper with bonded Sprintweb for light weight comfort and performance
  • Cushioning provided by compression-molded EVA midsole with Adiprene® at the heel
  • Sectionalized rubber outsole with wave traction pattern
  • Sprintframe chassis for stability from the heel to the mid foot
  • Geofit™ collar for better fit and ankle support

Aesthetics and Styling

Aesthetics and style have always played an important part in the Rose signature shoe line.  Much like the Air Jordan series for Nike/Jordan Brand, Adidas is pushing the limits with style and performance in mind.  The Rose 4 makes a big impact aesthetically with a two tone design.  Out of all the Rose releases, the 4 is the most tame as far as the shape and lines of the shoe are concerned.  There is a subtle boldness to each shoe in the series, but this one may be the most outgoing.  A vertical split at the collar separates the shoe (aesthetically) into two, giving it two areas for colors.  The non-seamless look opens up plenty of color scheme options.  Technological elements start with the segmented outsole first introduced with the Crazyquick.  The 4 is finished off with a synthetic leather upper, Sprintframe chassis, and the ever present Geofit™ ankle collar.  For construction and material, Adidas has made sure that they are top notch.  It does feel like a premium shoe all around and worthy of the player signature title.  Although the Rose shoes do not carry a slew of signature markings, the color schemes for each do represent some personal aspect of the player himself.  For this Performance  Review, the red based “Brenda” color scheme is the choice.

Adidas Rose 4

Simple lines and the shape of the shoe is given some style with the abrupt two-tone design

From a side shot, the distinct collar separation design splits the shoe unapologetically.  The lines of this mid cut are straightforward which goes along with the relatively clean upper.  Up close details like the smooth synthetic leather and dimpled collar are best observed with the shoe in hand.  As with all our Performance Reviews, the outsole is the first element evaluated.  There are no surprises here as it is laid out and constructed just like the 773 II is – with the segmented areas, wave traction pattern, and three stripe logo at the heel.  One signature change is with the toe cap, which has “DERRICK ROSE” molded into the rubber.  The compression molded EVA midsole takes a page from the upper with the split design.  On the lateral side, the midsole runs across the shoe cleanly, while the lateral side has the curves and silts to support the segmented sole.  “ADIPRENE®” branding on the medial heel completes the foundation.

Perforated synthetic leather makes up the clean upper for the 4.  For the toe box, the smooth leather is punctured with rows of perforation holes.  There is a glued plastic strip which forms an outline of support from the throat line to the cap.  Each side is littered with perforations all over.  The leather has a subtle pattern worked into the material, which shimmers under certain lighting conditions.  On the medial side, the small “SPRINT WEB” text blends right in with the holes at the forefoot.

The Sprintframe chassis begins with the diamond textured heel counter.  Extending almost to the mid foot, the lower part of the chassis is covered by the EVA foam.  And just like the 3.0/3.5, the Adidas stripe logo runs vertically.  With the shoe separated aesthetically into two parts, the collar is done in a nylon based material.  A plastic strip bonds the two parts of the upper together.  The collar ascends at a steep angle and has protruding padding on the outside.  Dimples run through the top on each side with a triangular inset right below.  The lateral side has the first D Rose logo.  On the inside, padding is minimal and the lining is a smooth synthetic.  Mesh triangular pads are on each side for comfort with the “GEOFIT™” stitching visible on the medial side.

Dual colored flat laces run through a wavy lacing system.  There are a total of 7 eyelets punctured through the synthetic leather eyestay, which is reinforced with extra thickness (it is raised compared to the body of the upper).  A very thin mesh tongue lies underneath the laces and is connected on the inside with stitched mesh panels.  There is a small lace holder at the center of the tongue.  The top of the tongue as a synthetic leather patch with the Rose logo in the center and perforation holes on the sides.  ON the back a vertical padded lobes for extra comfort.  Finally, a high quality PU insole sits above the Adiprene cushioning, miCoach housing, and Sprintframe chassis.  It has the smooth, infrared lining with the final D Rose logo printed on the heel.

Comfort and Fit

Everything about the Rose 4 is stiff and solid from the upper down to the sole.  The GEOFIT™ collar and Sprintframe heel counter leave a narrow opening as well has the Sprintweb bonded sides.  Needless to say, a loosening of laces is recommend when entering into the shoe.  Fit is true to size once laced tight.  The wavy lacing system has the synthetic leather sides clamp down for a form fitting feel, which is where most of the lace pressure is felt.  As the forefoot is reached, the tightness of the sides is alleviated as the shoe does open up.  There is good room here width wise and the shape of the box is on the flat side.  Again, the leather does have a stiff feel.  Moving to the rear, the collar and tongue provide excellent coverage.  Because Rose prefers to use Adidas Speedwraps, the GEOFIT™ collar does not bring a restrictive feel.  Protection and support is great all around as the padding brings a very secure feel.  The wrap feels very comfortable and although the tongue is thin, the slight padding does a great job of not rubbing uncomfortably.  For heel lock down, the Sprintframe counter locks the heels in place.  It only adds to the security along with the collar and tongue.  Next, cushioning is very stiff.  The sectionalized sole does not give a flat feel.  Adiprene brings some cushioning compared to the forefoot area which feels slammed to the floor.  And the contours of the sole only bring more support.  The arch and sides are fully supported by the clamping leather/Sprintweb sides.  Those with flat feel will feel the pronounced arch support as a blessing.  Stiff, form fitting, and supportive with a responsive base, the Rose 4 feels ready to obliterate the hardwood.

Adidas Rose 4

Court feel is amazing, fitting the aggressive performance of the shoe


Everything about the fit of the Rose 4 makes it ready for performance.  It feels like a high end sports car.  The form fitting upper grips tight while the collar has a protective, yet non-cumbersome feel.  From the top of the collar on the medial side down to the arch, the shoe feels very secure.  This is all topped off by the forefoot area which opens up, and for court feel, the shoe harkens back to the 1.0/1.5.  Just like the first two Rose signature shoes, the profile of the shoe is right on the court.  A short, but very hard, break in period is recommend to get the stiff upper eased in and the foot acclimated to how the shoe plays.  Heel to toe transitions have a barefoot feel.  The flat toe box allows for the toes to fully flex while the segmented sole can bend deep.  Compared to the forefoot, the adiPrene® at the heel has some thickness and cushioning comfort.  Weight of the shoe is light and balanced as it goes along with the form fitting upper.  Performance for the Rose is flat out aggressive.  The shoe just pushes for movement.  Needless to say, responsiveness is at a maximum.  With the low court profile, guards will be able to move freely with no restrictions.  Because of the stiff upper and cushioning, the shoe may not play fluid & bouncy.  It favors those who are both quick, fast, and aggressive.  Lateral movements are not hindered at all due to the shape of the forefoot and low profile.  The player can transition with ease from sliding laterally to spinning or turning into a full sprint.  If it would be compared to a car, it would be able to handle the curviest of roads.  Not since the Rose 2 has there been a Rose model that is this aggressive in nature.  For jumps, again, all the aspects of the shoe come into play.  The upper keeps the foot pressed down on the foundation, while the low profile gives the player control and balance.  Shots on the move and finishes are just quick and explosive.  There is no response time lost pushing off the segmented sole.  Fade aways and off balance jumpers never felt so natural and explosive.  Setting the standard of excellence to start the season off is the aggressive performing Rose 4, with amazing court feel and responsiveness.

Stability for the Rose 4 fits the aggressive feel of the shoe.  Even though the shoe was made for the fast & quick player, there are elements that the power player can benefit from.  Ankle support and protection is one area that shows versatility for the 4.  Normally, a big man shoe has a very restrictive wrap around the ankles.  With the Rose 4, the wrap is comprehensive, but not restrictive.  The stiff padding and high coverage protect and secure the ankles, but give some room to be agile.  The Sprintframe heel counter adds protection that is paramount for the power player.  For the upper, the synthetic leather and Sprintweb construction keeps the foot locked in place.  Fit first begins with the tongue, which is held in place.  Next, the Sprintweb and synthetic leather clap down on the sides of the foot to lock it in place.  The result is that both the foot and upper have little movement.  Abrupt stops, deep bends, and just pushing the shoe hard while running are handled in stride.  The material is on the thin side, but for all these taxing movements it feels bullet proof.  It does not have the protective/bulky construction, but the stiffness does have an aggressive feel to it.  And what sets the Rose (and other Adidas light weight performers) apart from other brands with respect to stability is the Sprintframe chassis.  The chassis first brings excellent heel lock down and heel protection.  Because the Sprintframe extends all the way to the mid foot, it allows the shoe to be torqued hard.  This helps for all those harsh cuts and landings the player may take through the course of a game.  All in all, the Rose 4 has virtually no weakness when stability is evaluated.

Segment based, the sole of the Rose 4 brings traction based on court feel, movement, and balance.  Just like the Crazyquick and 773 II, the segmented based sole relies mostly on feel and balance over extreme grip.  The one factor that separates the 4 from these two performers is the low profile of the shoe.  It seems as though there is a little less rubber used in this context, and as mention earlier, the forefoot area is slammed right the court.  This makes the Rose 4 the most aggressive out of the new “Puremotion” bunch.  The player will find balance for abrupt, jerky movements as the segments of the sole add the element of control.  In lieu of sticky traction, the segments and low profile keep the shoe aggressive.  Responsiveness and balance are kept high allowing the player to always push without worrying about loosing footing.  This is one of the best examples of a barefoot feel on the market today.   Those looking for aggressive traction, based on court feel and balance will find no better option on the market than the Rose 4.  Ventilation for the shoe is good.  The leather upper and padded collar do have a form fitting feel, almost cutting off any outlets for heat relief.  Luckily, the perforations all over the shoe help to try and keep the foot cool, while the inside lining does limit moisture.


After a season off and the disappointing commercial performance of the 3.0/3.5, Adidas has released the Rose 4 with very lofty expectations.  Aesthetically, this may be the most bold move in the whole series as the designers have gone with eccentric two-tone look.   However, the performance of the shoe keeps true to the play style of Rose – extremely aggressive.  What the 4 brings in terms of performance is a close fit, great court feel, responsiveness, balance, and excellent stability made for the active guard but versatile enough for almost every player that likes an aggressive shoe.  To say it is one of the best of the year is a given, but what is impressive is that this shoe brings the line close to the 1.0/1.5 in terms of an aggressively raw shoe.  Adidas definitely did not hold back in crafting a shoe where Rose can be himself – a high quality, high performing basketball shoe.  Most importantly for Rose and Adidas, he has already shown, in a few pre season games, that he has not lost a step.  And in fact he may be a better all around player.  Coming back more aggressive than ever this season is Derrick Rose and Adidas with the Rose 4, available now at the Official Adidas Online Store.

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