blacklotus-blog-logo2014 began with the start of our Top 9 of the Summer/Fall.  It saw a variety of very different performers from all the big players in the basketball sneaker industry.  The Nike KD VI and the Adidas Rose 773 II were the big names to show up so far.  Now, we finish off our list with the top 5 of the season which, unlike pervious seasons, has no real surprises.  The best light weight shoe on the market comes in at the number 5 spot.

Adidas adiZero™ Crazy Light 3 - Ricky Rubio

The Adidas adiZero™ Crazy Light 3

5 – Adidas adiZero™ Crazy Light 3
Adidas became the light weight kings a few seasons ago with the Crazy Light series.  The series continued on this season shedding more weight with the 3.  Characterized by feather weight, quick, and fast performance, the shoe also brings amazing court feel.  What separates the 3 from the first two iterations is the updated close fit adding a bit more stability and better feel.  Adidas has done it again with the Crazy Light.

Nike Lebron XI

The Nike Lebron XI

4 – Nike Lebron XI
Lebron James started the 2013-2014 season in a special color scheme of the Foamposite equipped Lebron XI.  However, he did not feel comfortable in the shoe, choosing to play in the X from the first 15-20 games of the season.  The XI rightfully makes our list at number 4.  It is a big departure from the X with the inclusion of the popular Foamposite material.  Surprising flexibility comes with comfortable cushioning and versatile performance to make this one of the best Lebrons to come around in a while.

Under Armour Micro G® Anatomix Spawn

The Under Armour Micro G® Anatomix Spawn

3 – Under Armour Micro G® Anatomix Spawn
Under Armour Basketball is no stranger to the top of our lists through the seasons.  The Anatomix Spawn is simply one of the best shoes this season.  It has everything to offer the from fit & stability, to cushioning, to responsiveness.  In any other season, this might have been the best performer of the season, but ranking this high does not diminish the greatness of this shoe.  If you have not already picked this shoe up, make it a priority this year!

Adidas Rose 4

The Adidas Rose 4

2 – Adidas Rose 4
This was suppose to be a comeback season for the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose.  The season started off well until another major injury sidelined Rose for the rest of the regular season.  That said, fans were lucky to get a glimpse of the 2011 MVP in the Rose 4.  It comes right in at the number 2 spot for being the very best aggressive, light weight performer on the market.  The low court profile, responsiveness, and fit are like nothing else in the industry today.

Air Jordan XX8 SE - Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Air Jordan XX8 SE

1 – Air Jordan XX8 SE
Just like the Winter/Spring, Jordan Brand reigns supreme on our list.  This time with the Air Jordan XX8 SE.  A more aesthetically friendly version of the boot cut XX8, the SE not only offers the versatile and comfortable performance, but does so in a refined sense.  It rightfully carries the Air Jordan name.  This is exceptional performance is what Jordan Brand should always be about.

There you have it!  The top 5 this season is all about the heavy hitters.  Jordan Brand with their XX8 platform again takes the cake, while the Adidas Rose 4 stays close behind.  Not to be overlooked also is the Under Armour Micro G® Anatomix Spawn, which came in at a very close 3.  2013 closed out a bit slow, but 2014 looks to start off with fireworks!  We plan to continue with more Performance Reviews this year which will include the Jordan Melo M10, Nike Kobe 9, Li-Ning Way of Wade, Adidas Rose 4.5, and all the new surprises that might come throughout the year.  Your comments/questions/opinions help make this site, so we encourage any and all discussions for all the content on our site – we will try and respond to all of your questions.  You can like us on the Official Black Lotus Facebook Page and follow us on the Official Black Lotus Twitter Page for all the updates!  Thank you all again, and we hope you continue to support us throughout 2014!!!

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