Nike Zoom HyperRev

The Nike Zoom HyperRev


The Hyper line has been the driving force for Nike Basketball these past few years.  New models are introduced each season, mainly based around the big two – the Hyperdunk and Hyperfuse.  Nike Basketball, looking to invigorate the line, have brought a brand new model shifting in a different direction than the Hyper models we have seen the past 2 seasons.  Although not officially labelled as a signature model, Cleveland Cavaliers young star Kyrie Irving is the main star promoting this mesh based Hyper performer.  Breathing life into the Hyper series for the 2013-2014 season is the Nike Zoom HyperRev.

New for 2014 is the latest signature shoe in the Hyper series – the HyperRev.  The features include the following:

  • Upper constructed with mesh and strategically placed TPU overlays for light weight performance
  • Cushioning provided by a unitsole midsole with a full-length Nike Zoom unit
  • Flywire technology used for the lace hoops
  • Seamless design with adjustable strap for a better, more efficient fit
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern

Aesthetics and Styling

A great example of a simple design with flash, the HyperRev fits in the Hyper line nicely.  The lines of the shoe are straightforward, but the shape has the sharp look customary to many Hyper related shoes.  Last season, the Kobe 8 System introduced a mesh based upper on a signature performer.  The designers have chosen a mesh upper for a unique look.  It combines with Flywire for support.  Many Nike fans will rejoice with the cushioning set up as the shoe is equipped with a full-length Zoom unit.  As a team shoe, it does hold color well, from the mesh base to the TPU overlay, down to the smooth midsole.  The choice for this Performance Review is the red/yellow Kyrie Irving influenced Cleveland Cavaliers color scheme.

Nike Zoom HyperRev

A mesh based upper combines with a full-length Zoom unit as the main technological aspects of the Zoom HyperRev

From the side, the simple design of the Rev is evident.  The upper and midsole have a smooth, clean look.  Sharp dashes across the upper from the TPU layers and the point of the velcro strap add some style to the look.  Starting below, the contoured rubber outsole is molded with a herringbone traction pattern.  The forefoot is marked with diagonally cutting flex grooves, moving all the way to the lateral outrigger.  Stopping short of the outrigger, the rubber from the sole comes up to the midsole foam which completes the outrigger and runs down to the mid foot.  Moving down the sole, a plastic window with the “NIKE ZOOM” branding runs from the mid foot to the heel.  There is no stability plate here, only the revealed full-length Zoom unit.  The sole is finished off at the heel where there the traction cuts are separated by flex grooves.  Completing the foundation is the unitsole midsole.  It follows the clean design, running smooth around the base.  The midsole does protrude a bit at the heel.

The mesh based upper has an almost seamless design.  It covers the upper from the toes through the heel, stitched on the medial side.  A stream design runs throughout the mesh adding more color to the design.  Giving the light weight mesh support are TPU layers placed on the medial toe cap and lateral forefoot.  The other aspect of support are the Flywire bands which are visible up close on each side.  Nike swoosh logos are placed on the toe box and medial side.

At the rear, the stiff heel counter is covered by the mesh and a pointy TPU layer.  The back end rises very high for maximum Achilles support.  There is a small hole in the center of the back end to help with flexibility.  Because the back end rises so high, it simply blends into the collar without ascending.  The collar is somewhat detached from the body of the shoe with a velcro strap at the top.  Lining is made of a silky smooth synthetic, while padding is light but comfortable.  The Achilles notch has small rubber slits to help with lock down.

Making up the simple lacing system are 5 Flywire based lace hoops holding on to the standard oval laces.  There is no tongue and every aspect of the lacing is fixed (besides the movement of the Flywire when tightening the shoe).  At the top of the lacing system is a padded portion which would normally be the tongue.  It is made of the silky synthetic from the collar lining and has a small Nike patch with a looping hang tab.  Rounding out the minimal HyperRev is the foam insole.  It has good, comfortable thickness, finished off with a swoosh logo printed on the heel.

Comfort and Fit

Through the fixed body/tongue and Flywire based lacing system, the foot enters comfortably into the HyperRev.  Lacing tight is not too difficult because the Flywire hoops sit on top of the foot instead of coming up on the sides.  Fit is true to size, and comfortable, with most of the lace pressure felt on top of the foot (where the laces are tied) and around the velcro strap.  Comfort comes from the softness of the mesh body and the inner lining/padding around the collar.  It has a protective, yet free feel.  Up front, the toes have ample wiggle room all around.  The width should be able to accommodate those with wide feet because of the flexibility and lack of stiffness of the mesh upper.  Moving to the rear, the detached strapped collar brings a great sense of support and protection.  The ankles have a comprehensive wrap, and with the detached design, it makes it feel more agile.  Those who like their ankles supported high, but do not prefer the restrictive feel will find this the best aspect of the shoe.  For cushioning, the full-length Zoom unit is prevalent and very comfortable.  The unitsole midsole is thick and is a great compliment to the signature Zoom bounce.  There is a slight rise at the heel compared to the lower forefoot.  With the mesh based upper, side and arch support is not form fitting.  Most of the hold comes from the Flywire.  The upper does have a tightness to it, but is not cumbersome and suffocating.  Comfortable from top to bottom with a free feel, the HyperRev is one of the best fitting basketball shoes on the market.

Nike Zoom HyperRev

Performance is comfortable and balanced for the active player


One of the surprising aspects of the HyperRev when stepping on the hardwood is the fact that it feels more secure than flimsy.  From the ankles down to the sole, and around the foot, there is a sense of security without the rigidness of materials.  And with the mesh upper, a break in period is almost eliminated (the unitsole/Zoom cushioning set up can use a short break in period).   Getting into a sprint, the shoe feels at ease.  The mesh upper has no problems flexing with the foot and feels extremely comfortable.  It goes without saying that the full-length Zoom unit brings a cushioned step from heel to toe.  In terms of weight, the shoe is very balanced.  None of the aspects seem to drag the player down and the lightness of the mesh upper lets the player move freely.  Performance for the HyperRev is fit for the very active, offensive player.  First off, the flexibility and balance of the shoe is excellent.  Fast and quick players will find the shoe perfect for moving around the court.  From up and down sprints, to abrupt short movements, the shoe is great in letting the player ease into movements.  There are no hinderances when trying to play quick as the mesh flexes easy and the balance of the shoe keeps the player in position for another movement.  Lateral movements flow easy.  The rounded shape and cushioned feel of the foam outrigger give a good sense of quickness and balance.  It just feels easy to play in.  For responsiveness, the shoe fares well.  Normally, Zoom based shoes do not have the best responsiveness because of the mushy feel.  In this case, the combination of the unitsole/Zoom brings a very consistent feel from heel to toes.  The Zoom unit does not have a mushy feel, which in turn gives the player both comfort and quicker responsiveness.  This is evident with jumping where it feels great for explosive or causal jumpers.  Landings are handled with plenty of comfort and consistency.  A well balanced and comfortable performer, the HyperRev may be the best Hyper shoe this season.

Looking at the construction of the shoe, stability performance would be the major lacking aspect of the shoe, but that is not the case here.  First, ankle protection and support is geared toward the guard/offensive player.  In either a static position or on the move, the detached collar provides enough hold to keep the ankles stable.  Heel lockdown is also very good, observed especially for the changes of directions on the fly.  All in all, the ankle support makes it feel like the player is playing in a low cut shoe with a padded ankle brace.  With that said, stability performance is excellent.  The mesh based upper uses TPU panels, Flywire, and padding to create balanced stability.  Helping to keep the foot in place are the Flywire cables, pressing down on the top of the foot and holding the sides.  The mesh base does not add the strongest barrier of protection, but it works well with the Flywire in helping to keep the foot comfortably in place for all those harsh lateral sides.  To keep the weight down and help with flexibility, there are areas of the mesh that have the TPU outer layer.  Although they may not look like they make a difference, they do give the shoe some body and keep it from feeling flimsy.  In all, stability performance fits the shoe and is balanced for the active player.

A herringbone based outsole design with the comfortable unitsole/Zoom setup brings comfortable traction performance.  Normally, a herringbone based outsole would bring extremely sticky traction performance.  For the HyperRev, there are a few aspects that give traction a little bit more versatility.  First the Zoom window from the mid foot to heel breaks up the rubber.  This helps the shoe play more fluid, in terms of traction, as the sole is not always anchored to the court.  Next, the thick, but responsive, cushioning set up forms a barrier over the outsole.  What this means is that the player will have to put a little bit more pressure to get the herringbone teeth to grip the court, especially on the lateral side where the outrigger is made up of the midsole foam.  And in doing so, the player has a bit more control.  Traction performance is good enough to help stop the player from high speeds and keep the player getting in a out of movements smoothly.  It is just another aspect of the HyperRev that makes it a very balanced shoe.  Ventilation performance sees very little problems.  The mesh based upper does not feel too tight or cumbersome around the foot.  Air can flow in and out of the shoe, especially through the detached collar opening.


It seems as though the Hyper series has been loosing steam over the years, even though the Hyperdunk/Hyperfuse remain consistent performers.  The lack of major updates, aesthetically, technologically, and in performance – although good for consistency – has maybe left the line a bit stale.  In comes the HyperRev bringing new life to the line.  Simply put the shoe just works on all fronts, especially in terms of performance.  All the aspects are balanced from the fit, support, cushioning, stability, and traction.  This is what the Hyper line has needed for the past few seasons and is a great option for the athletic guard/swingman.  It will definitely be one of the top shoes of the year and will warrant a sequel.  Available at the Official Nike Online Store is the exceptional Zoom HyperRev.

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