Adidas Crazy 1 Florist Collection

The Adidas Crazy 1 Florist City Collection

This season Adidas Basketball has again dipped into the Kobe Bryant catalog with a reissue of the Crazy 1 (originally known as The Kobe).  It has been heavily featured this season one the feet of many Adidas sponsored athletes, as well as having a special All-Star 2014 color scheme.  With Spring in full bloom the Crazy 1 is given a special theme this month with two special releases.  This Collection represents two of the hottest & youngest superstars in the NBA – John Wall and Damian Lillard.  For our first Spotlight Special of 2014, we take a look at the Adidas Crazy 1 Florist City Collection.

Adidas Crazy 1 Florist Collection - John Wall

The Adidas Crazy 1 Florist City Collection – John Wall

The Crazy 1/The Kobe is one of the most iconic basketball shoes ever.  Simplistic, yet elegant, the look of the shoe is almost timeless.  The synthetic based upper carries out the Florist theme perfectly.  Each shoe has a debossed flower design giving it a glossy look.  Deep red represents the city of Portland with their rose garden and Rose Festival, while the silver and pink John Wall based shoe relates to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.  The Florist theme extends on both pairs to the translucent sole and laces where the flower design gives the shoe life.

Adidas Crazy 1 Florist Collection - Damian Lillard

The Adidas Crazy 1 Florist City Collection – Damian Lillard

Adidas Basketball has been going strong with both their young stars and with recent reissues.  The Crazy 1 has made a big impact, just like the Crazy 8, in the history of basketball shoes.  It is no surprise that it has become one of the popular models on the court this season.  In the Florist City Collection, the execution of the theme is carried out perfectly.  Each shoe has an elegant touch from the color scheme to the discreet graphics , fitting the unique shape of the shoe.  This is one set of releases that any sneaker fan would be pleased with.  John Wall and Damian Lillard had each pair on display March 20 as the Blazers held of the Wizards in Portland.  The Adidas Crazy 1 Florist City Collection was released a day before (19th) at the Official Adidas Online Store and is currently available at the Black Lotus Online Store in limited quantities.